What is Antarcticine and why do I need it in my skin health ritual?

What is Antarcticine and why do I need it in my skin health ritual?

Antarcticine is actually a glycoprotein produced by the bacterial strain Pseudoalteromonas Antarctica NF3. During cell growth, the bacteria produces this glycoprotein which displays profound cryo-protective properties enabling it to retain moisture in extremely cold conditions. Further to this, it promotes the formation of a group of essential proteins that have a restructuring effect on human skin. These proteins  promote cohesion and skin regeneration by stimulating dermal protein synthesis (collagen and elastin) to strengthen skin resulting in reduced wrinkle depth

Expertly formulated into the new Peptide Eye Renewal, Antarcticine assists in preventing Trans-Epidermal Moisture Loss (TEWS) to ensure your eye area remains hydrated. As the eye area is devoid of sebaceous glands, keeping it hydrated is essential to minimising fine lines and wrinkles, and slowing the effects of ageing around the eye area. Hydrated skin is healthy skin, and preventing dehydration enables human skin to bounce back and appear smoother and luminous

Antarcticine also works in tandem with Snap-8 Peptide to reduce wrinkle depth by supporting the production of key structural proteins in the skin. In vitro and in vivo testing conducted on Antarcticine showed its ability to enhance collagen and elastin production in as little as 48 hours. Continued use over a 30 day period showed a dramatic reduction in wrinkle depth, resulting in smoother, more youthful looking skin

The wonders of nature never cease to amaze, and our biocompatibility with the world around us cannot be ignored. Hunter Lab strives to continue to bring you the very best of Mother Nature’s bounty, and unlock her secrets to support your journey to ultimate skin health

Integrate this unique yet powerful natural ingredient into your skin health ritual with the Peptide Eye Renewal, for a smooth, hydrated and youthful eye contour