Aura Facial Sculpting Tool FAQ’s

Aura Facial Sculpting Tool FAQ’s

What is the strength (voltage) of the microcurrent?

The rated voltage is 3V and the working voltage is 1-8V (Variations come from the strength of the light source feeding the solar panel. For best results, use in a well-lit area)


Is there any contraindications when using this device?

It should NOT be used:

• If you are allergic to metal

• If you are pregnant

• If you have a pacemaker

• If you have broken skin (skin infection, dermatitis, eczema, etc)

• If you have a hemorrhagic disease such as haemophilia

• If you experience symptoms of purpura

• If you are under the influence of excessive alcohol

• By children


Is the device waterproof?

Besides the solar panel, the entire surface can be washed under water


Where exactly on the device is the microcurrent active?

The micro current is active over the entire surface of the device. The device is like the battery, the middle is the solar panel, and the device head is “+”, then roller ball is “-”. When held with your hand on one end then against the facial skin on the other, the body forms a reflow to sense the microcurrent


What is the best way to keep the device clean and free from bacteria?

Please wipe the device with our cleansing cloth after using, and keep the device dry and stored in a dark place away from direct sunlight


How to know if the product isn’t faulty and ensure it is ‘working?’

Aura is rigorously multi-point tested to ensure full operation and functionality prior to shipment. Every device is inspected and tested after manufacture, and every component of the device has also been tested and certified. The testing conducted ensures every device meets the strictest TÜV SUD regulations of quality. TÜV SUD is a global leader in the field of testing, inspection, management system certification and product certification renowned for quality, integrity and technical excellence

Further to this, it is important to note that Aura does not operate like other devices that deliver microcurrent. As it features innovative solar powered technology, the device strength will be influenced by the level of light present when it is being used. It also adjusts the strength based on each individuals unique resistance to bioelectric energy to deliver the right amount for one’s skin. Aura delivers microcurrent that is sub-sensory and it may not be felt by all users


Can Aura store energy?

No, Aura does not store energy. It accesses energy “on demand” when required. Think of it like a battery that needs a completed circuit in order to deliver power. When Aura is held in your hand on one end, then pressed to the skin on the other, our body forms a reflow to activate the microcurrent. Aura uses the body to complete the circuit and this is how it activates. This ensures the device only operates when needed, prolonging the life of the internal components. It is innovative technology that operates very differently to other devices on the market, and does away with the need to use a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that lose their ability to store energy over time. It also means Aura doesn’t need to be plugged in or charged in the traditional sense, enhancing the ease of use for the user

We always recommend using Aura in a well-lit space during use. It can operate with exposure to both artificial and natural light


Why is my Aura dragging against my skin?

We recommend applying the Peptide Anti-Ageing Elixir. Apply your chosen product to one side of the face, treat that side, and then repeat on the other side. You may need to re-apply if you are still experiencing too much friction