What is Microcurrent?

What is Microcurrent?

Microcurrent is a very low-level electrical current which mimics the natural bioelectric current of the human body. It energises the skin and generates a profound increase in Adenosine Triphosphate or ATP which is our cells mechanism of storing and transporting energy. This increase in ATP informs numerous biological functions such as signalling our fibroblasts to produce more collagen and elastin, boost circulation and improve lymphatic drainage. It enhances the overall vitality of the skin offering a healthier and more radiant complexion

This spike in ATP also has the ability to stimulate the facial muscles and assist in re-training them to a firm, more sculpted state and keep them in this state for longer periods of time. Results are visible instantly after just one use and are most dramatic after 8 weeks of consistent treatment

Microcurrent began as a treatment for nerve conditions affecting the facial muscles resulting in muscle atrophy and sagging. It proved such an effective solution in these cases that it soon became a revolutionary anti-ageing treatment which offered immediate and compounding results over time. Unlike anywhere else in the body, the muscles of the face are directly connected to the skin and this is the reason facial stimulation with microcurrent can offer such instant and transformative results. And due to the fact microcurrent is sub-sensory, there is very little to no sensation felt during treatment meaning it is safe and relaxing for everyday use


Original microcurrent machines were very large, heavy and required treatment in-salon by a qualified aesthetician. However, as technology advanced over subsequent decades, microcurrent devices shrunk in size and can now be accessed in the comfort of your home, anytime

Enter Hunter Lab’s newest innovation – Aura Facial Sculpting Tool. This 24K gold plated sculpting device transforms solar energy into microcurrent allowing the user to lift, firm and energise the entirety of the face and neck. As a natural skin health brand, we believe in working with the skin, not against it, hence why launching a microcurrent device was a logical next step in our evolution. Microcurrent works with your skins own energy to supercharge cellular metabolism and allow your skin to function at its optimal level. It is gentle, effective, easy to use, and most of all, relaxing. Facial massage with Aura alleviates muscle tension in the face and is an extremely calming practice for the mind

We knew we wanted this product to not only deliver results but offer superior ease of use. That meant creating a device that was any easy “yes” when contemplating using it. Being solar charged, it is always ready when you are, and you never need to worry about charging it. All you need to do is ensure you’re in a well-lit room, apply a leave on skincare product of your choice, and Aura will do the rest

The future of your skin is already within, ensure it looks bright with Aura 😊