Hunter Lab’s system of next-gen natural skincare crafts a curated selection of nature’s powerhouse ingredients with cutting-edge green science to effectively harness the power of these ingredients to directly benefit our skin and scalp health. With daily use, each tool works to treat and enhance our skin health and in turn, helps to improve our self-confidence.

A daily ritual should focus on consistency first. Get the basics right, every day, and from there you can add products to further aid, treat and improve skin conditions and concerns.

Address the following key skin care steps with products that are simple, safe and most importantly effective:


Cleansing is the first essential step for all skin types. A high-performing cleanser will gently clean the skin, remove any excess oil and dirt, and balance the natural oils produced. The end result should be skin that is effectively cleansed but not tight or dry
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Weekly exfoliation promotes brighter, smoother skin. Our skin cells are in a continual state of rejuvenation, and gentle exfoliation removes dead skin cells, encourages blood flow and prepares the face for the next steps in the daily skin health ritual

Used after cleansing, an essence helps to calm and rebalance, encouraging maximum hydration and layered nourishment. Targeted essences will also reduce inflammation and boost penetration of the next steps in your skin ritual
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A premium, high-performing natural moisturiser will hydrate, soothe, and replenish the skin. With daily use, the skin maintains its resilience against the elements, reducing trans-epidermal water loss while being protected from premature ageing, sensitisation and damage

While we sleep, our skin works to repair, correct and rebuild. To support our skin overnight, anti-ageing serums should be applied to rejuvenate the skin and supply it with the nourishment it requires to perform at its best. Containing a lineup of potent ingredients, serums absorb quickly and encourage a more vibrant complexion and a reduction in lines and wrinkles with continued use

A quality sunscreen of SPF50+ should be applied daily to protect skin, reduce signs of ageing and combat UV damage. Harmful UV rays destroy the elastic tissue and collagen in the skin, and a formula with zinc oxide will both shield and soothe the skin with regular use
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    The end goal of skin care is to keep our skin looking and feeling its best, so we in turn feel great about ourselves. By using high-quality products regularly our skin can better endure the daily environmental and seasonal challenges which can damage the skin and in turn cause it to prematurely age. For glowing, hydrated and intensely nourished skin use Hunter Lab's next-gen natural skincare tools to improve the health of your skin and the evolution of its appearance.