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Supercharge Your Lip Care

Introducing the latest innovation; Lip Ammo

Care for your lips with the ultimate natural nourishing treatment; a carefully crafted balm packed with 100% natural ingredients to condition, heal and deeply nourish the lips

The skin on the lips is structurally different to that of the rest of the body. Lips don’t have oil or sweat glands, hence their propensity to dry out and become chapped. The Lip Ammo provides a natural nourishing defence that will keep your lips hydrated all year round

The Hunter Lab Lip Ammo is 100% natural formulation, carefully crafted with ingredients that condition, heal and protect the lips. It is a healthy lip balm alternative which offers absolute effectiveness and pleasure of use

Crafted with a selection of the finest natural butters and oils, including Shea Butter, and Macadamia, Maracuja, Sweet Almond, Avocado, Jojoba and Seabuckthorn oils, all carefully selected and formulated for their protective and healing properties


Just like our skin, our lips are exposed to a myriad of environmental aggressors that can impact the condition and appearance. We formulated the Lip Ammo to not only be a healthier, safer option, but to also provide a natural defence that will keep you lips hydrated

The Lip Ammo is a 100% natural formula, crafted free of the usual lip balm synthetic ingredients, such as PEGS, parabens, glycols, mineral oil, petroleum by-products, polysorbate, and silicones. These chemical ingredients pervade the lip care market, and can be dangerous to the body due to being easily and readily ingested into the mouth and through the thin skin layers

The super natural Lip Ammo offers exceptional nourishing properties in a non-sticky balm texture, giving a hydrated finish which is completed by a blend of Vanilla and Peppermint extracts to provide a refreshing and addictive natural flavour and scent

Lip Ammo $24