In conversation with Amber and Sandy

In conversation with Amber and Sandy

We sat down with mother, daughter duo Amber and Sandy to hear more about their skin health rituals.

Describe your skin health rituals?

AMBER: Mum's side of the family is South African and has the most amazing skin and I’m lucky enough to have inherited her genes!! Always staying hydrated and clean skin care that’s cruelty free always! That’s why I love Hunter Lab. The Lipid Vitamin Face Oil gives me that EXTRA hydration I need. I literally don't go to bed without it on!

SANDY- Coming from a South African background I’ve been blessed to inherit good skin from my family so fortunately I have never suffered from breakouts. Keeping it simple with good quality skincare is a priority for me. The Peptide Anti Aging Elixir & Eye Cream are two night time rituals I love.

What is your definition of Skin Health?

AMBER: SPF daily is a must! All year round and I’m absolutely obsessed with the Light Lotion - it’s actually a perfect base for make-up too, which we LOVE.

SANDY - Staying hydrated and moisturised morning and night is key for me.

The Lipid Vitamin Face Oil gives me the extra glow and my skin drinks it up - obsessed.

What have you both learned from each other about caring for your skin? Are there any products that you share?

AMBER: Mum and I both love being outside, vitamin D especially in summer is our kryptonite so keeping our skin hydrated and moisturised both morning and night are non negotiable.

SANDY - Going on walks togethers is something we love doing so the Light Lotion SPF 50 because it’s great for everyday.

What is the advice for your skin that your mother gave you?

AMBER: Mum has always told me to take care of my skin, so investing in skin care is something not to be skipped, it doesn’t have to be complicated or a 7 step routine. Keeping it simple with the scrub, serum and moisturiser is all I need!

SANDY - Oh my mother was a fierce woman. She always told me how you treat your body and skin now is how it will reflect on your skin when you’re older.

Favourite products? Face Moisturiser or Face Oil? Or both?

AMBER: I have my own Sunless Tanning Salon (BLAZE by Amber) so the Pinot Grape Exfoliating Body Scrub is on high rotation and preps my skin perfectly for spray tanning!

SANDY- Loving the Daily Face Fuel. I love that all the products are cruelty free so I can continue to put good products on my skin at the age of 61.