Achieve Healthy Strong Hair

Achieve Healthy Strong Hair

The Lab have harnessed nature’s most powerful ingredients to ensure optimal hair and scalp health, and the highest effectiveness and pleasure of use which doesn’t rely on synthetic shortcuts that can weaken and damage the hair

Invigorating Shampoo & Nourishing Conditioner 550ml $45

Hunter Lab’s naturally formulated Invigorating Shampoo and Nourishing Conditioner are crafted with high quality plant oils, extracts and proteins, which combined help improve the hair and scalps’ overall condition. Harnessing some of nature’s most powerful ingredients allows the products to do their job whilst also adding nourishment and hydration on every use, leading to hair which is stronger and thicker, and a scalp which doesn’t dry out

Hemp Seed Oil – Feeds & Nourishes

Harvested by pressing hemp seeds, this unrefined oil has nourishing qualities to regulate the scalps natural oil production

Silk Protein – Elasticity & Resilience

Promotes elasticity and resilience through providing a protective barrier around the hair follicle

Wattle Seed Extract – Hydrate & Nurture

Powerfully hydrates and nourishes the scalp, while protecting hair follicles from damage

Natural Hair Pomade 100ml $45

Unlike traditional paraben and PEG Castor Oil based hair styling products, Hunter Lab’s Hair Pomade is 98% natural and carefully crafted with ingredients which create natural texture to sculpt the hair into shape

Just like any area of skin on the body, our scalp absorbs what we put on it. Alarmingly, the chemical absorption rate of the scalp is up to four times more than that of your forearm

This pioneering new natural formula enhances the hair’s natural state, creating a flexible hold and shape, while washing off the hands and out of the hair with ease

Kaolin Clay – Medium Hold, Matte Finish

Gently cleanses and moisturises preventing breakage whilst also providing a natural medium hold

Beeswax – Rich in fatty acids

Holds moisture in, prevents hair drying out and is a great natural antiseptic