Style and Sculpt without Synthetics

Style and Sculpt without Synthetics

Natural Hair Pomade 100ml $45

Unlike traditional paraben and PEG Castor Oil based hair styling products, Hunter Lab’s Hair Pomade is 98% natural and carefully crafted with ingredients which create natural texture to sculpt the hair into shape

Just like any area of skin on the body, our scalp absorbs what we put on it. Alarmingly, the chemical absorption rate of the scalp is up to four times more than that of your forearm

This pioneering new natural formula enhances the hair’s natural state, creating a flexible hold and shape, while washing off the hands and out of the hair with ease




The Lab have spent 12 months creating an innovative, highly efficacious 98% natural formula free of PEGS, glycols, mineral oil, petroleum by-products, polysorbate, and silicones. If you choose natural skincare products to avoid any potential nasties, you should be choosing natural haircare too


Crafted with Beeswax and Shea Butter, the hair paste allows the hair to be easily manipulated, creating a natural texture to sculpt shape


This natural alternative won’t cause a build-up of synthetic ingredients, strip natural oils from the hair, or irritate a sensitive scalp


The Natural Hair Pomade is completed with notes of Mandarin, Sweet Orange, Rosemary, Cedarwood and Hinoki Wood essential oils to provide a subtle, empowering and addictive natural scent


The super natural formulation has been crafted with Beeswax and Shea Butter to offer the hair an easily manipulated medium hold, Kaolin Clay to provide a matte finish, and Cacao Butter and Coconut and Avocado oils to condition and protect the hair. All which wash out easily with water


“The result is your hair, but better – textured, styled and touchable,” explains Hunter Lab Product Specialist Chris Mesh

Complete your natural hair care regime by pairing the Hair Pomade with the Hunter Lab Nourishing Conditioner and Invigorating Shampoo at

Natural Hair Pomade 100ml $45