Winter Skin Saviour – The Ultimate Two-Step Routine

Winter Skin Saviour – The Ultimate Two-Step Routine

The Charcoal Mud Mask is crafted with Activated Bamboo Charcoal to draw impurities to the surface, Aloe Vera for rich hydration and Vitamin A and E to deeply nourish leaving your skin with a lasting natural glow. The Daily Face Fuel intensely hydrates and softens the skin for visibly smoother and healthier skin

The Charcoal Mud Mask works to cleanse the skin of excess dirt and debris, and gently draws impurities out of the pores to the surface, ready to be washed away. What’s left is a clean, clear complexion and skin that’s in optimal condition for replenishment with a super natural moisturiser to hydrate and restore. Maximise the benefits of both the Charcoal Mud Mask and Daily Face Fuel by using these super natural skin health tools together in a simple two step routine

For a limited time only, purchase a Charcoal Mud Mask and receive a deluxe sample pack featuring 3 Daily Face Fuel sachets and try this dynamic duo as part of your skin health routine. Simply enter MASKFUEL at checkout. Offer ends 18th of August 12.59pm

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Winter Skin Saviour - The Ultimate Two-Step Routine