Nick Thomm Collaboration: A Design Series

Nick Thomm Collaboration: A Design Series

You have a very distinct signature style to your art. What do you call it, and how did this develop?

I think it is just a combination of skills that have all sort of come together at the right time. My background in graphic design definitely helped with some of the technical skills. But it’s probably the more unconventional angle that I approached art which has made the work distinctive

When I was starting out, I was always trying to make my digital work feel more physical, and I think this gave me a really unique view of painting compared to someone who has never been confined by a screen before. I think that has now lead me to a point where you can definitely see the digital inspiration in the colour palette and the subject matter, but when you’re standing in-front of a really large piece, whether it’s a mural on the street or a painting in a gallery, it’s almost confrontingly physical, you can definitely feel the work

Hunter Lab Hand & Body Collection Design by Nick Thomm

Like Hunter Lab, you are Melbourne born and raised. Did you develop your style in Melbourne, or LA?

My early work was done in Melbourne and then New York. I’ve only recently moved my studio out to LA as the pieces have become a lot bigger I needed to find somewhere with a lot more space to create the work

What is the art scene like in LA? How do you find life in LA as an artist compared to your hometown?

The art scene in LA is really good. A lot of artists and creatives are making the move out here from cities that have traditionally been the go-to creative hub’s like New York, and thats making it a really good place to work

I feel like Melbourne has always had a great creative scene, there are so many talented people in AUS, it’s really just the scale and closeness to the rest of the art world which makes places like LA and New York different to back home

Anything about LA life you particularly love, or find similar to Melbourne? 

I actually find LA pretty similar to Melbourne. After spending such a long time on and off in New York it’s been a nice change. It reminds me a lot more of home, and it’s hard to beat the sunsets in LA 

Nick Thomm and The Mixed Media Arts

You have created some special pieces for some big names, can you tell us a little bit about some of the celebrities you have worked with and favourite projects?

I think my favourite one would have to be the mural I did for Miley Cyrus a couple of years ago. Unfortunately she lost her home in the Malibu fires at the end of last year. So I was actually out there a few weeks ago to finish a bunch of new pieces for her and Liam. That reminded me how much I enjoyed doing the original mural

What was your inspiration for the Hunter Lab piece?

It’s strange actually, it was perfect timing for these new pieces that I’ve been working on which are a lot darker than most of my works, I was trying to mix more earthy landscape colours with highlights of my usual hyper colour palette. You guys said you were after something with a deeper tones so it just came together at the right time

What attracted you to work with Hunter Lab? Have you ever worked with a skincare brand before?

I worked with Maybelline a couple of years ago at New York Fashion Week. We did this huge 15m tall mural in the Penthouse of Milk Studios. I think anything that’s in the realm of fashion / skin care / beauty is always a good fit for my work. Theres a lot of movement and motifs that overlap, so I thought Hunter Lab was a good fit. Also as we are both from Melbourne!

Have you done any collaborations previously, and if so why do you believe collaborations are so powerful?

I’ve worked with a lot of people, I think collaborations are important because you often end up questioning your work in ways that you never would have if you were just looking at it on your own or with people who are too close to you

Often as an artist you need to be very isolated to let ideas develop. But I think that always has to be balanced at some point, with feedback that lets you see the work in a new way so you can continue to re-invent and move forward

Hunter Lab Limited Edition of Hand & Body Collection

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UPDATE: The Nick Thomm collection is no longer available