What is Next-Gen Natural Skincare?

What is Next-Gen Natural Skincare?

June 1, 2023

Nature has inspired skincare remedies for centuries, and Hunter Lab has elevated this process with curated formulas featuring innovative natural peptides, oils, antioxidants and exfoliants while maintaining the purity and integrity of every ingredient. Opting for a natural skincare routine has often meant foregoing chemical actives and high-tech formulas, but advancements in technology have set the stage for Hunter Lab’s signature – Next-Gen Natural Skincare

Intentional, natural skincare should work in sync with our skin rather than against it, and rewrites how we care for such an important and dynamic organ

Our skin functions optimally when nourished and supported by bio-compatible products with natural ingredients and minimal synthetics and preservatives, and individuals are increasingly conscious of the full-body response to topical products – the ingredient list matters. More than just natural ingredient blends, Next-Gen Natural Skincare is age and gender-inclusive, combining design innovation and high-performance natural extracts for healthy, balanced skin




Switching to natural skincare benefits all skin types – reducing irritation for easily inflamed and sensitive skin, gently assisting acneic or congested skin, balancing and rehydrating dry skin – holistic wellbeing must extend to our skin daily

Every individual has unique skincare requirements thanks to our skin’s microbiome – the ecosystem of microorganisms on the surface of our skin. Next-gen natural skincare allows this microbiome to stay balanced, where high-chemical formulas can wipe out the innate work your body is doing to protect and preserve itself



We provide clarity around not only what is in each formula, but what is deliberately left out. Waterless formulations (such as Lipid Vitamin Face Oil and Lip Ammo) are 100% naturally derived and do not require a preservative system, as they are safe and stable to use topically without preservatives

Natural transparency is at the core of the Hunter Lab ethos, and we share the exact percentage of natural ingredients within each product across the range. At the correct percentages, natural extracts and compounds can communicate and interact with the skin’s microbiome to boost skin health and resilience over time, and we encourage our customers to discover all product percentages listed on relative product pages



As green chemistry advances, we look forward to when all synthetic ingredients can be replaced with bio-compatible, natural alternatives. In formulations (including water-based) where a synthetic preservative is required to ensure safety throughout the product’s lifespan, Hunter Lab utilises a small number of synthetic preservatives. Despite their synthetic origin, these preservatives are non-toxic (not linked to toxic responses in humans) and an extension of our dedication to the very best of ingredients, both natural and non-natural. Our commitment to safety remains paramount through every step of our innovation process

Opting for natural transparency in results-driven formulas encourages ongoing innovation and exploration at Hunter Lab, and importantly, empowers our customers to make informed choices for their skincare ritual and lifestyle

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