Hunter Lab customer with glazed skin wearing the Lipid Vitamin Face Oil

Glazed Skin Goals? How to Achieve Lustrous, Hydrated Skin

Looking for the secret to radiant, lustrous skin that goes beyond mere moisturisation?

Welcome to the luxe, understated world of glazed skin, a look that takes irresistible to an entirely new level

Glazed skin isn't just a fleeting beauty trend; it's a testament to well-cared-for skin. Trust us, once you experience the allure of glazed skin, there's no turning back

So if you’re looking to say goodbye to dull and lifeless, and hello to a complexion that's practically lit from within, read on, and consider this your VIP pass to glazed skin, because guess what? 

Hunter Lab has achieving this look for years—long before #glazedskin and doughnut emojis took over your feed

The Science Behind Glazed Skin

Before we dive into the how-to, it’s important to understand the how-come, because hydration and plumpness aren't skincare buzzwords. They're dermatological gold

To achieve this luminous skin, you need to respect the lipid barrier—a complex layer of fats that lock in moisture. When this barrier is intact, you've got yourself a face that's primed to WOW

And papaya enzyme? It's not just for your smoothies. This magic ingredient breaks down the proteins that hold dead cells together, effectively bidding adieu to dull skin

The Lifestyle Hype Over Glazed Skin: More Than Just a Beauty Trend

In a world captivated by the luminous allure of K-beauty's "glass skin," the spotlight has shifted to its more strategic cousin—glazed skin

While both looks may seem similar, glazed skin has carved out its own unique appeal by prioritising fewer products and a more focused approach to achieving that divine shimmer. The intention?

To offer a glowing complexion that's not just an aesthetic feat, but a manifestation of skin that's well cared for and protected

The trend gained steam when model and influencer Hailey Bieber casually introduced her own take on glazed skin:

“If I’m not getting into bed looking like a glazed doughnut, then I’m not doing the right thing.”

Hunter Lab has been pioneering this look for years—your backstage pass to achieving the glazed perfection that’s all over Insta

Step-By-Step Ritual to Achieve Glazed Skin

Step 1: CLEANSE with Lipid Vitamin Cleansing Oil

With our Lipid Vitamin Cleansing Oil, the glow-up starts at square one. Infused with Papaya enzyme, this cleanser will exfoliate away the dullness while drenching your skin in moisture

TIP: Use circular motions during application for a light massage that wakes up your face like a double-shot espresso

Step 2: TREAT with Marine Healing Essence

This elixir is like a day at the spa for your face. Its soothing properties immediately calm the skin, reducing redness and elevating hydration levels to the stratosphere

TIP: Apply generously. Think of your skin as a sponge—wetter is better for absorption

Step 3: HYDRATE with Daily Face Fuel and Lipid Vitamin Face Oil

Here's where we seal the deal. While the Marine Healing Essence is still gracing your face, introduce it to the Daily Face Fuel. These two are a match made in hydration heaven

And for that finishing touch, the Lipid Vitamin Face Oil is your go-to. Just 4-5 drops, warmed in your hands and pressed into your skin, leaves a pearl-like finish

TIP: Want to glow just a little extra? Press an extra drop or two into the high points of your face—cheekbones, nose, forehead, and chin.

Results: The Lustrous Finish

Ta-da! You're now the proud owner of skin that rivals the lustre of your favourite sugary baked treat

The result is a face looks youthful, radiant, and – most importantly – healthy


Achieving glazed skin isn't just a skincare goal; it's a lifestyle statement. And it's not as complicated as you might think

Unlocking the secret to glazed skin isn't just about beauty; it's about embracing a lifestyle of skin wellness

The best part? It's easier than you think

With just a handful of carefully selected products and the proven expertise of Hunter Lab, you're well on your way to a complexion that doesn't just glow—it shines. Don't delay—your journey to achieving your skin's full radiant potential starts right here, right now


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