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Will Tresidder

Will is a fashion buyer and serial traveller who's feed is jam-packed with beautiful images from his jet setting lifestyle

Can you outline your skincare routine for us?

I can safely say I’m a stickler for a skincare routine. Travelling and change of climates effect our skin more than we can imagine, especially when I’m heading into dry wintery conditions at altitude. Morning and night I will wash my face and apply moisturiser to my face and body. I’m almost more pedantic than my girlfriend on the body creams



What do you look for when choosing skincare or grooming tools?

I really need something that works with my skin type, nothing too fatty. I find that too many brands try to add chemicals or agents that will do this, that or the other. I think it’s a marketing tool that too many people buy into when it’s really natural products that do the trick



What is your go-to Hunter Lab product and why?

I have to say I am truly in love with the face moisturiser. I have been traveling for the past month, and usually I would have some sort of breakout, especially when drinking and partying plays into things. My skin has remained clean and clear. This has to be part of an overall skincare routine. Also, even when you are tired and or drunk and sleep is the only thing on your mind… wash your face, always!



Number one tip for keeping your skin healthy?

Routine is essential but you can never truly beat a healthy balanced diet and exercise. Sweating is paramount to good skin and making that blood pump will renew your skin and keep you looking your best



How would you describe your personal style?

I always find this fascinating because I change with the weather. Some days I wake up and I will feel like wearing street wear- sneakers and a bit of grunge. Other days I will pay an ode to my Swedish heritage and be dressed in the preppiest attire you can imagine



Where do you look to for style inspiration?

As I work in the clothing industry I have to spend a lot of time buying in Sweden and Italy, to name a few countries. I really like to look for upcoming trends that usually happen a good year before they hit the shores of Australia. Obviously social media plays a big part but I don’t want to follow the trends I want to have brands that people ask me what it is



We are proudly Melbourne made. What’s your favourite spot in Melbourne?

I have to say Prahran and St Kilda are some of my favourites. Always a big fan of Melbourne and extremely jealous that you are able to dress up a bit more in winter



The most stylish person you know?

Honestly my Dad. Every time we are in Italy people ask him for directions and we have a running joke that he looks more Italian than the Italians. There are stores in Milan that know him by name. Absolutely cracks me up



On your style blacklist is?

I don’t know if I really have a blacklist. Fashion is so fast moving that what we think is ridiculous now we will be wearing in five years. Think of the current 80s vibe in clothing or baggy pants



Tell us a little bit about why using natural products is such an important part of your life?

Not only do I find it far superior for my skin, but it also stops the use of chemicals and by-products that have the potential to harm the environment



Finally, we’d love to hear about some brands, blogs, publications or other influencers that you’re loving at the moment?

I can’t say I have ever really been into reading blogs. Sorry Ally… I do love Hey Gents and the guys at Boss Hunting, despite the fact they think every guy must be a whisky connoisseur!

In regards to Instagram I’m not a big follower of other guys that shoot purely fashion- I like authentic people that do what they love and mix things up a bit like Nainoalanger & Emmett Sparling


You can follow Will here