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Why Australia’s Leading Skin Specialist recommends the Lipid Vitamin Face Oil

Renowned for unrivalled client care and meticulous attention to detail, Jocelyn Petroni is one of the Australia's leading skin experts who specialises in classically proven methods with innovative techniques. We sat down with Jocelyn to hear her thoughts on natural skin health and why she recommends the Lipid Vitamin Face Oil

Jocelyn, you are an expert in skin health, reiki, shiatsu massage and lymphatic drainage, and your treatments are designed to treat the mind, body and soul with a bounty of high quality, natural ingredients. How important are natural ingredients in the pursuit of exceptional skin health?

I believe in a holistic approach to skin health. A good skin care routine will include a combination of natural products with man-made actives.  My personal skin care routine includes products that are naturally derived along with prescription strength vitamins and fruit acids to treat all my skin concerns. As natural ingredients become more sophisticated and concentrated, we are seeing more visible results. The benefit of natural products and their holistic elements make your homecare routine develop into one of self-nurturing

We are seeing trends globally towards hydrating, water-based serums and treatments to enhance skin hydration. But this is only one piece of the puzzle. How would you describe the significance of oil and lipids in ensuring a healthy, radiant complexion, and can you dispel any myths around using oil topically on the skin?

Australians need to understand the truth about dryness and dehydration in the skin. One is related to water, the other is related to oil and it can be tricky to know the difference. Healthy skin has a good balance of oil and water which are equally vital for optimal skin health. Whilst it is difficult to retain water in the skin oils can decrease this trans-epidermal water loss which we all see in our skin, otherwise known as “dehydration”. This is just one of the many benefits of oils which are beneficial for all skin types including oily and congested skin. Oils instantly give the skin a dewy radiance along with long term nourishment and protection

You’ve been using the Lipid Vitamin Face Oil for a couple of months now. What are your thoughts on the quality of this formulation and its ingredients? And at which stage of your skincare routine due you use the Lipid Vitamin Face Oil? 

Apply four drops of oil, neat to the skin after cleansing – before applying your face moisturiser. Sometimes I like to add a few drops to my foundation for a fresh luminous complexion. The Hunter Lab Lipid Vitamin Face Oil contains a blend of 19 super oils and antioxidants. The lightweight texture is great to use around the eye area which is instantly smoothing for fine dehydration lines

 “The Lipid Vitamin Face Oil has visibly improved the condition of my skin and overall skin health.

You have remarkable skin already, but we are curious to know what kind of improvements and results you have experienced whilst using the Lipid Vitamin Face Oil? What makes the Lipid Vitamin Face Oil formulation so unique?

Overall skin performance increases with an optimal amount of oil present in the skin, increasing our skins resilience to environmental aggressors, stress, sensitivity, ageing and eczema. The Lipid Vitamin Face Oil contains a smart combination of carrier and active oils. There are oils within this product that travel to each cell layer for instant radiance and longer lasting results

Finally, how would you recommend incorporating the Lipid Vitamin Face Oil into a daily skin care routine for different skin types (oily, dry and combination)?

All skin types and conditions can use the Lipid Vitamin Face Oil. For oily skin apply three drops; dry skin apply five drops and for combination skin can apply somewhere in between. The versatility of this product means it can be applied directly to the skin or added to another topical application

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