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WATCH: Daily Skin Ritual


When it comes to your personal style, it’s as much about how you feel as how the end result looks. And at Hunter Lab we believe it all starts with your skin. If your skin is healthy, and you feel great, the confidence in your outfit and in yourself will shine through. A small investment of your time into a daily skin health ritual will reap rewards far beyond your skin. Because confidence flows where attention goes

Hunter Lab’s natural skin health tools have been crafted with mother nature’s finest ingredients to offer your skin everything it needs to stay healthy. Whether it’s the highest quality hydrating oils or the hardest working extracts packed with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, natural skincare is the perfect first step in your morning routine

A skin care ritual should be built around three steps, to help the skin stay clean, hydrated and nourished. Once you’ve mastered the following and they’ve become a part of your daily routine, there are additional steps and tools you can add to further enhance your skin health, like toning, repairing and protecting. To begin, make sure you cover the following everyday:

  1. Cleanse & exfoliate

Massage your face with the Cleansing Facial Scrub to keep it clean and fresh. Crafted with invigorating native Macrobiotic Sea Minerals and Passion Flower, Violet Leaf and Bladderwrack extracts, this will exfoliate dead skin and clear dirt, without removing vital moisture or irritating the skin.

  1. Nourish

Apply the Hydrating Hand & Body Lotion to your whole body . This hardworking moisturiser is lightweight, yet heavy duty when it comes to nourishing your skin. Crafted with Hemp Seed Oil, Baobab Protein and native Aniseed Myrtle, Mountain Pepper and Wild Rosella Flower, this will soothe and smooth your skin, promote the forming of collegen and nourish with Vitamin E, anti-oxidants and important minerals

  1. Hydrate

Liberally apply the Daily Face Fuel to your face and neck. This natural and nutrient rich moisturiser will nourish your skin with the help of key ingredients Avocado, Macadamia and Passionfruit Seed Oils. These will help to intensely nourish and hydrate the skin, which will ultimately improve its health.


Following these three easy steps on a daily basis can fundamentally change the appearance and health of your skin now, and dramatically slow the inevitable signs of ageing for the future. We think that’s worth investing in.