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Understanding Your Skin Type

Our skin type can be influenced by a myriad of factors including genetics, lifestyle and age - whether you’re dry, oily, combination or sensitive, your skin type will influence your personal skin health ritual

Gender and skin type inclusive, Hunter Lab skin health tools are designed to balance and support skin across the spectrum

Creating products that balance all skin types and also target specific skin concerns requires intentional formulation, with the inclusion of high-performing natural ingredients which enhance the skin’s natural functions and support the organ to look and feel its best. Working with green chemistry and technological advancements allows Hunter Lab formulations to preserve ingredient integrity and purity, for finished products that work in sync with skin’s biology to treat, refine and rebalance all skins

Across the range, Hunter Lab avoids the inclusion of recognised skin-irritants such as petrochemicals, sulfates, silicones, synthetic colours and parabens as well as a wider range of less common inflammatory ingredients, resulting in skin health tools that won’t aggravate sensitised skin, clog pores or negatively impact the dermis

To best target your skin concerns, we’re taking you through the most common skin types, their key characteristics and behaviours, and the Hunter Lab products that will enhance and protect your biggest organ


Understanding Your Skin Type


Dry Skin

Dry skin is identified by small (even invisible) pores, a slightly rough texture due to flakiness, and the propensity to feel “tight” after cleansing

Importantly, dry skin is a result of loss of moisture and minimal sebum production. Depending on the level of dehydration, left untreated, dry skin can become itchy, red or irritated

Dry skin is best supported with moisture-rich oils, occlusive ingredients, and hydration-promoting products, and rarely will dry skin break out or become congested

It’s essential to treat dry skin gently and focus on layering products that trap moisture and reduce TEWL (trans-epidermal water loss), while avoiding hot water, astringent products and excessive cleansing

Mature skin types often lean towards a dry skin type, so address signs of ageing with the Hunter Lab Peptide Anti-Ageing Elixir, Peptide Eye Renewal and SPF50+ Facial Sunscreen to protect, plump and reduce the more noticeable fine lines that dry skin enhances

Seal in your skincare with a few drops of the Lipid Vitamin Face Oil pressed onto skin to lock in moisture and add a healthy glow


Oily Skin

The tell-tale signs of oily skin will be a distinguishable shine from excess sebum production (known as seborrhea) across the face, congested pores and occasional breakouts all the way to more acneic skin. Oily skin types will also often have thicker skin and more noticeable, larger pores as a result of the higher levels of sebum

While you might consider it best to combat oily skin with drying products and foaming cleansers, a gentle yet effective daily skin routine is far more beneficial to balance oily skin and bring it back to equilibrium. Oily skin can often be exacerbated by over cleansing, with the skin producing more sebum to protect itself after being stripped, and resulting in sensitised skin with imbalanced oil production

Oily skin requires a balance between maintaining the skin’s natural moisture, leaning in to your sebum production (as it provides essential protective properties), and not dehydrating or weighing down skin with heavy product. Changing pillow cases regularly, avoiding hand-to-skin contact or blemish picking and giving your skin a ‘makeup-free day’ will minimise the chances for sebum to clog pores and become inflamed acne over time

For your routine, look for naturally purifying products like the Charcoal Mud Mask to draw out and reduce excess sebum while aloe vera and cucumber extract work to soothe oily skin. Combined with water-based hydrating products, you’re able to balance oily skin while providing it with the essential daily support and nourishment that it needs

Click to read our AM+PM skin routine for a guide to creating a streamlined skin ritual to treat oily skin


Combination Skin

As the name suggests, combination skin types will benefit from different products depending on the facial area. You may experience an oily t-zone (across the nose and forehead) while having drier skin along your cheeks, so look for products that promote hydration with light textures for layering as you need it

Combination skin is very common (and could even be referred to as ‘normal’ skin), showcasing that you have healthy sebum production in more porous zones on your face, while having more balanced skin elsewhere. Treat combination skin by taking note of how your face appears at different times of the day and even within different climates, where you may need heavier protective moisturisers across cooler and drier months, and lean into light formulas during Summer

Just as dry and oily skin types are impacted by external aggressors, combination skin can be triggered by over cleansing, rich products or a lack of hydration, so be aware of changes to your skin, increased oil or flakiness, and take stock of your skin ritual a few times a year to see where adjustments could be made

Daily Face Fuel offers the perfect balance of plant oils and extracts that plump and boost skin without heaviness, pairing perfectly with regular facial massage from the Aura Facial Sculpting Tool, helping to lift, sculpt and tone skin


Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin can be a lifelong concern, or a temporary ‘sensitised’ state – either way, sensitive skin requires plenty of TLC. You may find your skin reddens easily with warm water or certain fragrances, and sensitive skin is often a sign that the barrier function has been compromised

Sensitive skin types must be mindful of slowly introducing new products into their skin health ritual, with the propensity to sting and become inflamed quickly – patch testing can be essential for new additions. As a skin type with a tendency to irritation, avoid manual exfoliation (such as beads or scrubs, or introduce these slowly), opt for slightly cooler water when cleansing to avoid redness, and take note of other irritants (pollution, sun exposure, household products and other allergens) that may be inflaming your skin in the background and slowly degrading skin health

Stick to balm or cream cleansers (or skip cleansing on days when skin feels depleted and sensitised), use gentle movements when applying products, and always ensure your skin is protected with a physical sunscreen – sunscreens with zinc oxide are highly soothing on troubled sensitive skin, and reduce the chance of further redness after being out in the sun

Boost sensitive skin with anti-inflammatory products such as Marine Healing Essence, water light and soothing to calm redness and strengthen with niacinamide and mushroom complex, the perfect base layer to press into skin as it heals


Supporting all skin types

Regardless of your skin type, all skin benefits from a gentle approach to your skin ritual, avoiding synthetic ingredients and protecting skin daily with an SPF 50+

Skin hydration can’t occur from topical products alone, so drinking plenty of water will hydrate the body at a cellular level, impacting skin resilience and plumpness

Give all skin types regular breaks from makeup, and wash all face masks with a gentle detergent to ensure you’re not transferring product and bacteria back onto your face

Your skin type today may not be what it was 5 years ago, and it could change again in future. You’re likely to experience oilier skin as a teenager and young adult, where mature skin types can be drier, but there are no rules for how skin will behave depending on age – adult acne is common and can be managed with a gentle and effective skin routine, and dry skin can be a lifelong journey to treat from a young age


A daily skin health ritual provides you a moment in your day to take stock of your skin, to understand what it need and how it is functioning, and is a window into how your body is functioning – just as the eyes are the windows to the soul, your skin tells a story of your inner health, so it is essential to maintain supportive skin habits.