With Winter almost on our door step it’s the ideal time to start preparing our skin for the onslaught of the harsher conditions

Whether you live amongst the southern cold, or the northern dry, the way our skin reacts to the conditional change can play havoc with our comfort and our skin health, and it requires a change in our grooming rituals to regulate

With all the layering of clothes, living with heating and hotter and longer baths and showers, and the red wines by the open fire, the moisture in our skin is drawn out to keep us dry and warm. And when moisture evaporates so too do the self-producing oils that help protect our skin. Without them, our skin is exposed to irritability, dryness, redness and worst of all itchiness

To avoid and or rectify these hindrances, here are our winter tips to incorporate into your daily regimen:

1. Your money maker is the first to make you feel and look dry, tired and over winter. The face is and neck are constantly exposed to the extreme elements, so you need to up your application of Daily Facial Fuel to mornings and afternoons. This will ensure you replenish much needed vitamins and minerals, and restore intense hydration

2. Crafted with the awesome powers of Hemp Seed Oil, applying the Hydrating Hand and Body Lotion to your hands and body in the morning post shower will deeply nourish the skin and keep it hydrated and protected. Best of all, the scent will heighten the senses; ready to tackle the day

3. Don’t forget the hair – it’s exposed constantly to the elements. To help balance and retain moisture use the Nourishing Conditioner once a week. Infused with rich proteins and native Australian botanicals, it helps maintain your luscious locks and promote healthy, stronger growth

4. Dead skin can build up through winter and clog the pores prone to breakouts. Fear not, removing them all over the body is quick, easy and enjoyable with the hardworking Exfoliating Hand and Body Bar, and your face with the Cleansing Facial Scrub.  Cleanse your skin from impurities on a daily basis to help improve skin condition

For healthy and happy looking and feeling skin we need to help the skin increase the barrier and protective function it creates by boosting its moisture and vitamin and mineral levels, and that’s easily and effectively done using all of Hunter Lab’s super natural grooming products

And, don’t forget H2O!  it’s easy to neglect, but imperative to keep your body hydrated, healthy and happy

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