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Stylish Father Son Duo

Meet Will & Tony Tressider

Will is a fashion buyer and serial traveler who is always looking super sharp no matter the location. We also recently found out, with no surprise, Will has an equally stylish father Tony who has a huge influence on his personal style and dedication to skin health.

In the lead up to Father’s Day we spoke to this stylish duo to find out a little more about their unique bond, and love for ‘borrowing’ each other’s Hunter Lab skin health tools…

You mentioned you are gifting your dad with Hunter Lab this Father’s Day so he stops stealing yours! What Hunter Lab tools do you both love?

Well, fortunately for me my dad is bald so my shampoo and conditioner have been safe! However, my daily facial fuel and hydrating body lotion on the other hand not so much. Luckily now he will have his own. Sidenote: He is an absolute serial pest when it comes to stealing my things. He will come to visit me at my apartment, say hello and then go on to take (steal) my Japanese knives, which he is adamant are actually his. It’s an ongoing cycle, because I then steal them back

The same happens with all of my things, for example, I was on a work trip a couple of weeks ago and when I looked in my toilet bag for my facial fuel, low and behold it’s not there. I couldn’t find it, and then my dad began to tell me how good “his” new face cream was. Well you know where it was…


Has your dad had a big influence on the way you approach skin health?

 I have always had a regimented skin care routine since a teenager and yes, this is based on my family having one. Dad has been an influence, and people are always shocked at how young he looks considering he is 63. But don’t tell him I said that


Your dad is clearly a very stylish man! What has he taught you about style?

 You can never have too many shoes and hats


What do you and you dad love to do together?

We are an extremely active family and passionate skiers. We spend a lot of time in Verbier, Switzerland, skiing as well as the Australian alps where one part of our business is

My dad taught me how to ride a horse and also play polo from a young age. We also love camping in the Australian Highlands. Sometimes I think he was born in the wrong generation, with his love for the bush and all things country. He’s a modern-day bushranger with a huge hat addiction