Do you dread the monthly ‘shop for essentials’? Or just always seem to run out of time? There’s now an online option changing the game – gentSac and their subscription Sac’s

This online grooming destination has re-jigged the purchase process into one of style, ease and refinement. By gathering the highest quality products in men’s supplies they have created a single unified man-hub for all your everyday needs. Socks to jocks, skincare to tattoo repair; these guys make caring for yourself man-proof

With a fantastic store in George St, Sydney, they have officially eliminated any reason not to update your bare necessities. Starting with their subscription-based order system right down to their ‘straight-to-your-door’ delivery service: they’ve done it all. Sorry gents, you’re all out of excuses

GentSac have done the hard yards and their unique ethos is more than just selling high quality man-gear to the everyday bloke. It oozes sophistication, seamlessness and accessibility – perfect for the modern man who may lack time but not the desire to get the most out of their everyday


Alongside Hunter Lab’s super natural tools you’ll find other essential products from the best local and globally sourced brands. Other features include socks from Swanky Socks and jocks from Mosmann

Whether you choose to build your ‘sac’ online or in store, gentSac have made it easy for the individual to create a grooming kit to suit their daily needs

How it works:
1. Visit
2. Select your gentSac
3. Select your frequency (one per month, two per month etc.)
4. Customise your gentSac by adding everything you need, and select sizes for boxers and socks
5. Enjoy the benefits of grooming delivered, with 10% off your first order (sign up to GentSac news)

There’s only one thing left for you to do… decide who’ll be joining Hunter Lab in the gentSac.


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