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Stephen Kotsanlee

Stephen Kotsanlee is the man behind @theyounggent and online publication, The Young Gentleman's Journal.

Can you outline your skincare routine for us?

My routine is pretty basic but it does the job and makes me feel a lot fresher during the week. I cleanse my face twice a day, once when I wake up and once before I go to bed, to remove any dirt or oil before I apply a mask or moisturiser. I also exfoliate twice a week to remove old skin cells and minimise any breakouts!


What do you look for when choosing skincare or grooming tools?

I look at whether the products are all natural and how much oil they contain. I also like to go for local brands or any brands that have a unique story behind them. Another thing that can sometimes get me over the line is the scent of the product….I love the aroma of Sandalwood.


What is your go-to Hunter Lab product and why?

Without a doubt the Daily Face Fuel. I don’t think I have ever felt better and fresher after applying a facial cream. It gets me ready for my day and is now a major part in my daily routine!


Number one tip for keeping your skin healthy?

Realising its importance and actually caring for it. Having healthy skin will not only make you look better but you will feel better. You will feel more confident when joining in conversation as well as feeling brighter and fresher which can lead to more productive days. Realising that how you start your day can influence and set the tone for the rest of the day should be motivating enough for you to start off your skincare routine.


How would you describe your personal style?

I’d like to describe my casual style as ‘Outdoorsman’, especially in the winter. I love my leather boots, caps, thick knits and shearling jackets! However when it comes to more formal events such as business lunches and dinners, my style is a lot more ‘Classic Gentleman’ because there’s no better feeling than putting on a well-cut suit and tie!


Where do you look to for style inspiration?

I used to look primarily online for style inspiration however recently I’ve been looking everywhere; movies, the people around me on the street and some of my closest mates who inspire me everyday! I enjoy sitting at cafes and just people watching, because sometimes you end up finding a sense of style that you admire and want to try out.


We are proudly Melbourne made. What’s your favourite spot in Melbourne?

This is such a tough questions because there’s no many great spots around this city, so I’m to break it down in a few categories. For a cafe workspace: The Journal is perfect. Date night: Dinner on Hardware Lane and then a show at the Paris Cat Jazz Club. Late night drinks: Eau de Vie and The Melbourne Supper Club. And finally, comfort space: State Library of Victoria.


The most stylish person you know?

There’s so many stylish people who I admire and draw inspiration from, whether it be my friends, random people on the street or movie characters. However, my two go-to style inspirations would be David Gandy and Frank Sinatra. Gandy’s dress sense is impeccable and I’m sure Sinatra is self explanatory.


On your style blacklist is?

Socks and Crocs/socks and thongs….Not a fan at all.


Tell us a little bit about why using natural products is such an important part of your life?

Using all natural products reduces the use of additional chemicals and substances that have the potential to harm your skin. So I believe that using natural products has greater benefits to the health of your skin and your overall wellbeing! Plus natural products mostly smell better.


Finally, we’d love to hear about some brands, blogs, publications or other influencers that you’re loving at the moment?

I could write a whole list of people that are producing some amazing content at the moment but I have to mention The Gentleman’s Gazette which is really bringing about the knowledge on traditional gentlemanly values, products and tips back into the modern day. Without a page like them, a lot of those values would be lost.


You can follow Stephen here and at The Young Gentleman’s Journal.