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Sky High Hydration

We live in an interconnected world, leading lives and forming relationships that are now truly global. And as a generation of globetrotters the time we are spending flying, either for business or for pleasure, is soaring

When we’re planning air travel it is important to consider the effect it has on our bodies and on our skin. For the hours that we are airborne, we are existing in a unique pressurised atmosphere and breathing a combination of recirculated compressed air and fresh, low humidity air from outside. It’s an environment which has the ability to dehydrate our bodies rapidly

The world’s surface is over 70% water, and as we cross its oceans we are reminded that our bodies are as well. H­2O is the single most important nutrient to the human body because it helps to regulate the body’s temperature, keep our skin supply and soft, flush unwanted bacteria from key organs, lubricate our joints, reduce high blood pressure, halt allergies, prevent acne, and combat fatigue – a vital benefit considering how exhaustive air travel can be

Our bodies are comfortable in humidity between 40 to 70 percent, but the air supply from altitude outside once compressed and pressurised leaves it closer to 20% humidity on-board. This causes the steady evaporation of our body’s moisture levels when we fly, which becomes noticeable with dry skin, cracked lips and a dull complexion

2O remains the key ingredient for successful hydration of our bodies. The often-cited 6-8 glasses of water per day should be increased when flying. Additionally, the inclusion of Hunter Lab’s hydration tools in your travel routine will further guarantee your skin’s moisture levels and protect it from dehydration. And because they’re under 100ml in size they’re the ultimate travel companion