Winter is here again. There’s no escaping it. And that means, in the southern states anyway, the cold, and the dark, and the wet. And open fires, red wine, big jackets and beanies, and snow, glorious snow..

But with all those benefits comes a few noticeable speed bumps with our skins health and happiness

The loss of the sun kissed look is a big one, and this goes beyond a vanity disruption. When we lose our glow we can look a bit worse for wear because our skin isn’t receiving a natural boost of the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants it craves

We have long hot showers and baths, and hot tubs, all of which can strip away the good oils which protect our skin from the elements and hold in moisture

We huddle around heaters and fires, and with that comes the evaporation of the skin’s moisture

We can also neglect drinking water, which further dehydrates our bodies

All of which can lead to dreaded dry skin. And this can lead to skin redness, sensitivities to wind and cold, cracking and peeling and an overwhelming urge to itch. All signs your skin hates you!

Fear not – dry skin is incredibly easy to avoid, or rectify.. Simply use effective, natural skincare tools on a daily basis

Synthetic skincare products are full of chemicals, and these can remove the protective oils, unbalance our pH levels, and flair up sensitivities

Hunter Lab’s super natural skincare tools contain the best of Mother Nature’s ingredients to effectively and deeply deliver the required nourishment , and intense hydration

Here’s what you should be doing daily through Winter for healthy and happy looking skin:

Use the Hand & Body Wash every time you’re in the shower to cleanse and help improve the bodies skin condition. If you’re a soap kind of person use the Exfoliating Hand & Body Bar

Whilst in the shower use the Cleansing Facial Scrub on your face and neck daily, or every second day if you have sensitive skin, to exfoliate away dead skin build up, and cleanse and help improve skin condition

After your shower, apply the Daily Face Fuel to your face and neck, and the Hydrating Hand & Body Lotion to your body,  to deliver much needed vitamins and minerals, and intense hydration

Before bed apply the Anti-Ageing Elixir to turbo charge your skins nightly rejuvenation and help promote the development of healthy new skin

Finally, drink plenty of water throughout the day to help keen your whole body hydrated and happy



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