A man’s face is his biggest asset. The moneymaker. The first touch point in every greeting, every meeting, every power play. And first impressions last

It’s also the window into his soul, and it doesn’t lie. It directly reflects the lifestyle he lives

So it stands to reason that any investment, in time or money, into its health and up keep is well spent

Thankfully, gone are the days of male skin care users being labelled too self-absorbed and dismissed as not sufficiently masculine

Now men with ambition, motivation and a modern approach to clean and healthy living have learned what women have long known – taking care of their skin now will ensure they stall the inevitable ageing process for far longer

And that’s where Hunter Lab steps in – to arm the modern man with the tools and the know-how required to counteract the effects of our harsh climate, and harsher lifestyles

Tell father time: Not today!

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