Charles Darwin proposed that all life on earth evolved from “one primordial form” – that we share the information encoded within our genes with all other life forms, be it human, animal, plant or bacterial. This interrelatedness of earthly life has important implications when we try to understand the inner workings of our biology, and when we develop therapies to treat and improve our bodies

Our bio-compatibility with the plant world allows us to draw on the regenerative and anti-ageing qualities of plant essences such as herbs, roots, flowers, water, oils and naturally occurring carrier agents to effectively improve our skin condition

Natural skin care remedies have been around since the 4th millennia, but much more recently technology and “green chemistry” has improved to the point where we can effectively harvest and harness the goodness of naturally derived ingredients

We apply creams, oils and gels to our skin and hair everyday, and studies show some of these ingredients we apply are absorbed by our bodies and accumulate in our organs. These synthetic additives, toxins and nasties, used in non-natural products, that are absorbed at high levels are being found to cause serious health issues over time such as cancers, neurological disorders and infertility

Hunter Lab addresses this issue by harnessing the most effective botanically sourced ingredients currently existing in or formed by nature, like cold-pressed solvent free oils, vitamins, minerals and botanical extracts and manufactures them in such a way which preserves their integrity and purity to deliver the most biologically compatible and effective skin care

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