Our skin is a remarkable organ. It covers us, protects us, regulates our temperature, and shows us the first signs of imbalance in our bodies. The health of our skin reflects the true health of our being

It may seem obvious but as men our skin composition differs significantly from that of women and must be treated accordingly

Stronger hormones have a very pronounced effect. We produce increased levels of oil and have larger sweat glands, thickening and strengthening our skin but making it more difficult to effectively deliver oxygen and hydration to our skin’s deepest layers

Without constant cleaning, moisturising and protection our skin becomes more susceptible to clogging and imperfections, is easily irritated, ages more noticeably and is further weakened by shaving

Fear not! Our skin requires little to keep it in a healthy condition. It needs to be kept clean, protected and nourished everyday with skincare products designed specifically for our skin. That’s it!

As the old saying goes “prevention is better than cure” and the same is true with skincare. Laying the foundations of a high quality, consistent grooming routine now will go a long way to preserving a youthful appearance as the days roll by

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