To get your skin to look and feel healthy isn’t as daunting as you might think. There are five skincare fundamentals we should follow on a daily basis – cleanse, exfoliate, moisturise, revive and protect

Master these steps by adding the following Hunter Lab skincare tools to your daily grooming routine and you will notice visible improvements within 12 hours

Cleansing is the important first skin care step. A high quality cleanser will gently clean the skin, remove any excess oil and dirt and in turn regulate the amount of oil your skin naturally produces. The end result should be skin that is clean and does not feel dry or tight
Exfoliating is the unsung hero of the weekly routine. Our skin cells are in a continual state of rejuvenation, meaning we must rid ourselves of old skin build up and expose the younger, fresh skin

Exfoliation also specifically helps men in a huge way: It exposes the face's hair follicles, allowing for a better shave and no ingrown hairs

The Hunter Lab Cleansing Facial Scrub combines the first two critical skin care steps to save you time without compromising results
A premium quality moisturiser should be the focal point of any skincare routine

The moisturiser is tasked with hydrating, protecting, energising, smoothing and correcting your skin. Without quality ingredients you’re limiting your chances of healthy and hydrated skin protected from environmental and lifestyle assaults which can trigger sensitivity, damage and premature ageing
The daily use of an SPF sunscreen is an important step towards healthy skin, and critical in the anti-ageing fight
SPF sunscreens shield the suns damaging UV rays which leak through our depleted ozone layer. Those harmful rays destroy the elastic tissue and collagen in the skin, directly resulting in accelerated ageing changes to the skin

Regular sunscreen use slows the signs of premature ageing, helps reduces skin discolouration, blotchiness and the appearance of facial veins, and protects from skin cancers caused by UV burns

Choose a trusted sunscreen brand which offers a lightweight daily use facial sunscreen with high SPF protection
When we sleep our skin is working overtime to correct and repair itself. it’s critical we feed it what it needs to effectively nourish, rejuvenate and repair the skin

Anti-ageing serums contain the most potent doses of ingredients packed with antioxidants because, versus creams, most of the fluid is eliminated and what you’re left with is a high concentration of active ingredients in very small molecules. The skin absorbs these far more quickly and deeply which leads to a noticeably smoother, softer, and more vibrant complexion, and a reduction in wrinkles and lines
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