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Respect The Shave

At Hunter Lab we love the idea of our evolution as human beings - from the primitive Hunter Gatherer era to the new-age lifestyles of our modern existence. As we head into the winter months once more, one vestige of our former incarnations becomes increasingly prevalent – facial hair

The mysteries of our beginnings as humans are still being unravelled daily, but it is generally agreed that body and facial hair is an ongoing evolutionary modification. Our genes are affected by our race, our environment, and our lineage over hundreds and thousands of years. In order to survive by hunting and foraging in all conditions, humans fashioned clothing to protect us from the sun and the cold. Consequently, we lost most of our body hair coat, yet our faces remained exposed to the elements, so facial hair survived as a necessity for warmth, protection, and natural camouflage

The modern hunter’s survival is far less dependent on their ability to grow an enviable beard, and yet it’s a remnant of our lineage that we continue to pride ourselves on. Both the deliberate presence and the deliberate absence of facial hair have repercussions for our skin’s overall health. So, whether we choose to grow, tame, or shave, it’s important that the modern hunter is armed with the tools they need to kill the winter beard


The benefits of regular shaving

Shaving has a pronounced effect on men’s skin; when executed correctly it acts as an exfoliator, removing dead skin build up. The problem is that daily shaving, without the proper tools and technique, can weaken our skin and cause irritation, bumps and ingrown hairs.  We’re all familiar with shaving in anticipation of soft, sexy, clear skin, only to end up with a red raw mess

However, when executed correctly the benefits of regular shaving far outweigh the risks of skin damage. It’s vital to use effective creams packed with safe and beneficial ingredients pre, during, and post shave to help our skin adapt and repair. Without these you’ll succumb to the aforementioned issues, plus the perilous side effect we all want to avoid; accelerated skin ageing


The shaving ritual

Daily shavers shave for one of two reasons – they love the look and feeling of bare, soft skin, or their boss grew up in the 50’s and runs a tight ship. Either way, a morning shave will maximise the clean shaved look – but diligence and consistency in your daily ritual is key. Take the time to prepare properly by showering first to soften the pores and hair follicles – the use of a cleansing exfoliator here will further aid softening and smoothing of the skin and will remove the cells that keep hairs embedded in the skin tissue, lifting the follicles above the skin line. Applying a hot, moist towel for a couple of minutes would give a similar effect



The post-shave performance is most important for healthy skin. The trick here is to apply a post-shave cream prior to an aftershave cologne. Aftershave’s are old school – yes, they smell incredible and are great at constricting the pores, but they do this by using alcohol-based ingredients. These leave the skin dry and tight. We should always first hit our fresh skin with a lightweight natural moisturiser that is easily absorbed. This hydrates, soothes, softens, replenishes and helps restore the skin


Using natural ingredients

Our bodies absorb up to 80% of what we put directly onto their surface, straight into our bloodstream, and the nasty toxins in synthetic products can build up inside our organs and cause all kinds of issues. To counter this, our body’s detoxifying process pushes the toxins that it can remove back out through our skin. This leads to nasty breakouts and imperfections. The easiest way to avoid these blemishes, and the subsequent skin damage, is to only use the highest quality natural ingredients


The beauty of natural skincare is that it harnesses the biocompatibility we share with the plant world. Hunter Lab employs the most effective natural ingredients, specific to men’s skin needs, in such a way that preserves their integrity and purity and allows them to be effective on all skin types. So, whether your skin is sensitive and prone to irritation, oily and inclined to breakout, or dry and in need of intense hydration, Hunter Lab’s super natural skincare tools will be the perfect complement to your daily grooming armoury