You know you’re living in the sporting Country of the world when your year revolves around significant seasonal sporting events

The Australian Open signifies we’re deep into the heat of Summer and the only acceptable time to drink Heineken. When the footy codes are battling it out it’s time to bunker down through yet another winter wet. And when our patch of scorched earth is gloriously re-birthed by Mother Nature it can only mean one thing – it’s time to dig out the pocket squares and splash the cash for the Spring Carnival festivities

From the Birdcage on Oaks Day to trackside at any one of the fantastic Country Cups, Australian’s are drawn to the pure adrenalin rush of cheering on the fillies and colts as they strut their stuff on, and off the track. And if you’re a single gentleman, a budding socialite, or celebrity spotter, it’s absolutely imperative to have the kit sorted and the a-game sharpened to stand yourself out from the crowd… in all the right ways. A brand spanking new suit, a glistening white shirt or the hottest new shades won’t completely shine if they’re not paired with clear, healthy, vibrant skin- the ultimate accessory

When preparing for the Spring Racing Carnival, the modern man and woman should be arming themselves with the proper tools to ensure their skin remains pristine throughout the season. Sunscreen is essential to protecting your skin and keeping it healthy and happy whilst you frolic in the hot Australian sun. Regularly applying Hunter Lab’s Daily Face Fuel will ensure your skin is well hydrated giving you a greater chance of avoiding redness and sun spots. Lastly our Anti-Ageing Elixir is your newest secret weapon.  It’s a natural, lightweight, heavy-duty nourishing serum that hydrates, helps to reduce the signs of premature ageing and helps restore sun-damaged skin

The first step to looking your best track-side starts well before the day, in the upkeep of your daily skincare routine. By simply paying attention to your skin with the carefulness paid to your next race attire; glowy, clear skin can be achieved. Stepping out for a big social day is made much easier if your skin is looking as slick as your kit. Combined together they’ll sharpen your confidence levels and help give you the required leg up on the competition

This time of year is one of a few chances you’ll get to ditch the corporate kit and let your personal flair shine through. No matter what you rock on the day, if your skin is on point, you will be too

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