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Meet our Style Curator Jess Alizzi

All round style icon, Melbourne influencer and founder of lifestyle blog Jessica & Love, Jess Alizzi chats all things style, summer and the importance of a simple skincare regime

What is your favourite Hunter Lab skin tool and why?

 My absolute favourite Hunter Lab skin tool is the Charcoal Mud Mask. I have been using it at least 2-3 times each week for over a month and can really notice a difference in the complexion of my skin and see immediate results straight after removing it!


Talk us through your skincare regime. What are some non-negotiables for you ?

 I like to keep my skincare regime pretty basic. For me it is all about keeping my skin super clean and also reducing the oil production, as I have a naturally oily/combination skin complexion. Non-negotiables are a really good moisturiser, a stronge facial cleanser to remove all my make-up (Hunter Lab cleansing balm has been really great for this) and SPF 50+ every day – even if it is raining!


Why do you opt for natural skincare?

 I have found natural skincare has allowed my skin to breathe a lot better during the day when I am wearing lots of make up. Also, natural skincare products aren’t as harsh on my skin and don’t burn and sting when I put them on but still seem to have the same positive effects!


What is your morning regime? And what does a typical day look like for you?

Every morning for me starts with either an Instagram upload or a scroll through my Instagram feed before I’ve barely even opened my eyes! After that I get up, wash and cleanse my face, brush my teeth and apply moisturiser to my skin. For breakfast I have a black coffee every day, big glass of lemon water and usually toast with peanut butter or granola, yogurt and fruit

As each day is very different, there really is no ‘typical day’ for me, but on a relatively average day – after breakfast I will hop straight onto my emails and work on admin for the morning up until about 10.30-11AM. After that I usually have a shower, do my hair and make up and then plan what needs to be done for the rest of the day. Usually the rest of the day will involve a mixture of shooting, content planning, picking up/dropping off product for shoots, styling looks for upcoming shoots and creating concept briefs for clients I am working with. Other things my days are usually filled with are meetings, events, beauty appointments and if I have time – coffee dates with fellow bloggers and my mum! The days go past super fast and I am constantly feeling out of time and like I’ve barely fit anything into the day even though I am usually running around everywhere! In the evening I either eat dinner at home with my family or my partner, go to an event or go out for dinner with friends. I’m probably only home maybe 1-2 nights each week, so when I am I like to relax, watch a movie and eat lots and lots of chocolate ice cream! I always end the day with a really good cleanse of my face, moisturiser and sometimes a leave on mask too


What is your approach to style and beauty?

I would say my approach to both style and beauty is very much a keep it simple approach. I don’t do a lot, especially when it comes to make up and hair and with my style, although it is constantly evolving and changing as I grow as a person, I find it always has a relatively comfortable, easy feel to it. I hate feeling uncomfortable or like I’m so done-up I can’t eat or sit down properly, so I always just opt for more easy, carefree pieces. Although I wouldn’t call my personal style super distinct or specific, it is definitely consistent in that I’m almost always in jeans, a tee and a blazer/leather jacket


How does your style and skin health regime change in summer compared to the cooler months?

For me, being healthy is a lot easier in summer than in winter. I love summer, I love being outside, going for walks and enjoying the sunshine so I find I am a lot more active and just feel a lot better overall. Also because it is so warm I usually eat lighter foods like fresh fruits, salads and smoothies a lot more, which are great for my skin and give me a real summer glow. In Winter I often drop the ball a bit– being cold puts me in a horrible mood so I am constantly craving chocolate and fatty foods, which entail show up on my skin the next day! Winter is challenging and trying to stay motivated to eat healthy, exercise and keep moving is almost impossible! My style between the two seasons doesn’t change a great deal, other than in winter it is the same look with extra layers and in Summer I just opt for more dresses and skirts and ditch the jacket!


Do you have a New Year’s resolution?

  Not really – just to work even harder and do even better in 2019!


Where can we find you on a hot summer’s day?

Either at the beach with my friends or on the balcony reading and drinking iced-tea!

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