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Meet our Style Curator Beck Wadworth

All round style icon and founder of An Organised Life, Beck Wadworth chats all things style, travel and the importance of a simple skincare regime

What is your favourite Hunter Lab skin tool and why?

I absolutely love the Charcoal Cleansing Stick! It’s such a hard working cleansing balm and the charcoal, green tea, argan and coconut oil always leaves my skin feeling very very clean and fresh, as well as soft and nourished 


Talk us through your skincare regime. What are some non-negotiables for you ?

My skin care regime is very simple. I always remove my makeup, cleanse with the Charcoal Cleansing Stick, moisturise with the hydrating and gentle Daily Face Fuel, followed by an SPF. Two to Three times a week I also use a mask in the evenings and a serum when needed

Why do you opt for natural skincare?

My skin is very sensitive and last year I suffered very bad hormonal acne. I spent 6 months concentrating on improving the issue focusing on light therapy and facials to reduce the inflammation and scarring. I also changed to all natural skincare at the same time and I haven’t looked back! It’s gentle on my skin but also does everything I need it to do from hydrating to plumping!


What is your morning routine? And what does a typical day look like for you?

My day to day routine can change frequently depending on all my travel, however when I’m at home in NZ, I usually do the below – I’m so lucky that I work for myself and can be flexi and make the most of my ‘peak times’ …

7am: Wake up and check my emails and social media

7.20am: Head out for a 1 hour walk (I aim to do this 3 times a week). I always listen to a podcast and grab a coffee on my way home. When I’m not out walking I usually sit and have breakfast with my boyfriend on the balcony in the sun for an hour and get ready for the day

8.20am: Shower and follow my morning skincare and beauty routine

8.50am: Make a smoothie – always adding The Beauty Chef GLOW powder in to help my skin

9.00am: Sit down at my desk and get started on my To Do List. My first priority every day – sending off the latest AOL orders to the warehouse in Melbourne

What is your approach to style and beauty?

I’m very minimal and refined across my whole life really including style and beauty. I always believe less is more and I’m all about quality over quantity


What is on your Christmas wish list?

Nothing specific to be honest, just spending time with loved ones


What will you be gifting your loved ones this Christmas?

An Organised Life (of course!), everyone gets their favourite diary or calendar from me! And I also get mum, dad and my brother a little extra. I have my eye on some jewellery for mum!


What is your favourite way to spend the holidays?

Every single year I spend the festive season at home with my family in Marlborough, NZ. I always enjoy between 2-3 weeks at home, relaxing and resetting for the year to come. It’s my favourite time of the year