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Introducing Aura Facial Sculpting Tool

A new frontier in Hunter Lab's skin health tool technology to help improve the health of the skin, and the evolution of the appearance. Enter the Aura Facial Sculpting Tool - a supercharged skincare device to enhance your results

Have you been searching for the next step in the evolution of your skin health ritual? With significant advancements in technology and a better understanding of how the skin absorbs topical treatments, now is the time to consider supercharging your skincare routine with a skin-improving device. Enter Hunter Lab’s all-in-one Aura Facial Sculpting Tool

AURA is a high-performance 24K gold plated facial device which is solar charged with gentle microcurrent to uplift and energise facial muscles and enhance the cellular energy in the skin.  The results will be visibly smoother skin and an improved, toned and more-youthful appearance

We are thrilled to now offer within our skin improvement range a unique and incredibly innovative skin sculpting device to help restore the skins complexion and elasticity. It has done wonders for my skin’s vitality.” says Co-Founder, Susie Waldron

Microcurrent technology has been used in professional salons for decades, originating as a medical treatment for patients experiencing nerve conditions resulting in atrophied and sagging muscles. The low-level current proves extremely beneficial in restoring muscular function and subsequently moved into the beauty industry as a safe and effective anti-ageing treatment. But until now they’ve been bulky and hard to handle, and required charging from an AC power point

Microcurrent provides a low-level electrical current to the skin, capable of stimulating facial muscles and increasing production of vital cellular energy known as Adenosine Triphosphate or ATP. This invigoration of skins own energy drives the creation of essential structural proteins such as collagen and elastin and revitalises skin’s appearance. The increased ATP energises facial muscles comparably to how exercise energises the muscles in our bodies. And since our facial muscles are directly connected to the skin, consistent treatment with microcurrent assists in achieving a firmer, more sculpted appearance


Crafted from Zinc alloy and plated in 24K gold, AURA offers exceptional microcurrent conductivity into the skin for optimal results. Gold is also a powerful anti-inflammatory element, ensuring affinity with even the most sensitive skins. Featuring an embedded solar panel and voltaic cell conductor, Aura harnesses light energy (both natural and artificial) and converts it into microcurrent. This “always on” technology ensures the device is ready to use at any given moment, and never requires charging

AURA features a delicate and streamlined design that offers multiple hold angles to ensure optimal comfort and efficiency to the user. The massage ball is suitable for use around the eye area to enhance absorption of eye creams, stimulate microcirculation, and firm and smooth the eye contour. It can also be used around the eyebrows for a more lifted and rested appearance. The Y-tail design delivers comfortable and targeted massage for all areas of the face, and is most suited to the cheeks, forehead and neck

With continued use, all markers of elasticity are improved, and the face displays a noticeably more sculpted appearance. Fine lines and wrinkles are softened, skin texture appears softer and smoother, and overall radiance is boosted for a well-rested and youthful complexion

AURA is an all-in-one facial device crafted to enhance your skin’s vitality and restore youthful contour. Invest in the future of your skin

Aura Facial Sculpting Tool – $298