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Interview: Photographer Sam Wong

Sam Wong is a Hong Kong born, Melbourne based photographer who took the creative direction reigns for our Style Starts With Your Skin campaign images. We had a chat about photography, style, and his creative process

How did you get into photography, and what do you love about it?

I’ve been in Melbourne for about ten years now and took up photography around seven years ago. I’ve always had a keen interest in letting my creativity flow and picked up photography as a result of loving dance. I was a dancer previously and was really interested in capturing my friends moving and dancing on the streets. That naturally translated to fashion and portraiture photography- it’s all about movement and flow of the body. I continue to expand my vision and direct people to move in interesting ways for specific projects, from campaigns to personal portraits series and beauty shoots


Tell us about your creative direction for the Hunter Lab shoot?

I really enjoy natural beauty on a person and the direction was all about natural beauty speaking for itself; not too much heavy makeup, really fresh skin and using good quality products that help to enhance what the models already have to flaunt


What does your current skincare regime look like?

I like to keep it very simple, making sure I wash my face every day and moisturise with the Hunter Lab Daily Face Fuel. My biggest skin ritual is to get to sleep early and eat really good, healthy food, and use exercise to keep my skin happy and healthy. Keeping it all as natural as possible is really important to me


How do you start the process of creating the concept for a campaign?

When creating a concept for a campaign, I often look at the overall aesthetic of a brand, how they started and where they would like to be down the track. I then try to create interesting visuals by combining past and current influences into something both the brand and I are happy to pursue


What’s important to you when selecting brands to align with? What do you look for?

When selecting brands to align with, I feel authenticity and originality are always two key components of what I look for. I enjoy working with brands that tell stories in their own creative way that are un-conventional and are willing to experiment and blur the lines between art, culture, fashion, design, music and holding interesting events


Where do you draw inspiration from?

I draw inspiration from daily observations, people watching, music, travel and sub-cultures


What does style mean to you?

Style to me means natural beauty, being effortless, spontaneous and open to experiment with your own art or creative medium, with the past and present

Find him at @samwongphoto_ or