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In Conversation with Eleanor Pendleton and Mathew Wilson

To celebrate Father's Day, we sat down with Sydney-based couple Eleanor Pendleton and Mathew Wilson to discuss all things parenting and the importance of self-care

What has been your proudest moment throughout the journey into

M: I am most proud of my wife and son. Seeing Eleanor become a mum for the first time and seeing first-hand how loving, selfless and nurturing she has become has been a real privilege. Banjo is 19 months old and to watch him grow into himself and develop his own little personality has been the best experience and makes me super proud

E: To be able to raise the sweetest, most beautiful boy with my husband and best friend is the greatest privilege of my life. To witness the incredibly loving father Mat has become, to see how he plays with our son, cares for him and nurtures him, it’s just such a joy. Mat gives me so much support and space as a working mother to do what I love. When I see the way Banjo’s face lights up and his arms stretch out when “Dadda” walks into the room, it really is everything. It’s an indescribable feeling

Mat, how important is health and wellness to you – and how does it impact you as a Dad?
Health and wellness is very important to me. My hobbies (surfing and spearfishing) keep me pretty active and I’m really looking forward to introducing Banjo to surfing and having a little surf-buddy once he’s a bit older. As a dad, it’s really important to me that I stay healthy and active so I can keep up with him when he’s older too.He’s full of beans, which I love!

Eleanor, why is Mat the ‘World’s Greatest Dad’ and what does this mean to you?

Mat is the World’s Greatest Dad because he’s Banjo’s dad. He believes in equal parenting roles – he is incredibly hands on with our son and as a feminist, that makes me so proud. To know my son has Mat as his male role model – and me as his mother – I know my son will grow up feeling so loved, accepted and empowered to do whatever he wants to in life

Mat, what has Fatherhood taught you?
Naturally, fatherhood has shifted my perspective on what’s important. I love just spending time with my family

A Friday night consisting of an early 5:30pm dinner with my wife and son and then watching Better Homes & Gardens with El and a glass of wine once Banjo has gone to sleep now sounds like an awesome time to me!

What advice would you both share to other couples embarking on

M: The saying, ‘the nights are long, but the years are short‘ is definitely true. Remember that the hard times don’t last forever so try not to get lost in the sleepless nights. Take care of your partner and make sure to take care of yourself too

E: No one else knows your child better than you so you do you

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