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In Conversation with COMMAS

Richard and Emma Jarman, the pair behind Australian swim and lifestyle label COMMAS, spoke with Hunter Lab about what inspires them, why nature holds importance in their life and how they look after their skin health

COMMAS recently unveiled their Spring Summer 2022 resort wear collection against the sunrise over Tamarama Beach in Sydney

Tell us about the beginnings of COMMAS?

Richard: “COMMAS started back in 2017 as a men’s swimwear label and has grown into the full resort wear wardrobe. This is the first time we have ever done women’s wear. It’s really exciting though, women have been strong supporters of COMMAS since day one and being able to include pieces for them specifically was really cool”

Can you tell us how the name COMMAS came about?

Emma: “The name COMMAS means, a pause to catch your breath and it’s a play on the comma in a sentence which is the moment in your sentence where you stop and you recalibrate and you continue on. So that’s what we really aim to do with COMMAS, is to create moments for people to stop, and reflect on their life and see natural phenomenon’s like this and just really appreciate where they are at in life”



How does nature inspire you?

Richard: “We swim around the corner at Bronte each morning, and there are so many benefits of just being there, such as the sun. Our lifestyle influences the clothes so much. It’s really just about natural beauty. We work with so many natural textures, such as all the recycled swimwear fabrics”

Emma: “Nature is such an important part of what we do. As Richard said, we swim every morning, we are so inspired by the ocean and all of its healing properties, and for us, that’s a core part of our brand, appreciating nature”

Richard: “Off the back of that, based off the landscape we have here. (COMMAS is also) heavily influenced by Milton Avery and the way he portrays landscapes. Even the colour palette that he uses; the greens, the pinks, the mints… It’s really just a nod to him and what he achieved”

How do you look after your skin health?

Emma: “I don’t really wear much makeup every day. I always try and let the skin breathe and just let the products work and I think that’s the best way to achieve great skin, just keeping it really simple”


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