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How to revitalise your eyes

Learn from renowned Beauty Expert, Gemma Watts, on why she recommends Peptide Eye Renewal and how this powerhouse skin health tool targets the eye area for smooth, bright, youthful skin

“I understand that a number of you prefer to bring your regular moisturiser up to your eye area rather than investing in an eye cream. I understand it, I respect it- but allow me to introduce you an eye treatment that I am confident will convert you to my way of thinking. The skin around our eyes is about 10 times thinner than the rest of our facial skin and it doesn’t produce oil in the way the rest of our face does, so I am of the firm belief that the eye area requires targeted, eye-specific treatment

I have been using Hunter Lab’s Peptide Eye Renewal for over a month now, and the effect it has had on my eye area has been legitimately transformative which I imagine has a lot to do with the serum’s hero ingredients- Snap 8 Peptide which works as a cellular messenger, communicating with the skin cells and very politely relaxing the muscles that contract around the eyes in order to reduce wrinkle depth, Bladderwrack which sounds wild but actually works to improve collagen and elastin synthesis AND provides antioxidant capacity double that of Vitamin C, AND Antarcticine a protein first isolated from the base of an Antarctic glacier (I had an education session with Chris from Hunter Lab and when he told me about this ingredient I just about fell off my chair. I want to bathe in it) that works to stimulate dermal protein synthesis for smooth, firm under-eyes

No dehydrated, crepe-y looking fine line, no dark circles, no puffiness, just smooth, firm, glowing skin. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again- TRANSFORMATIVE. For transparency’s sake this is sponsored, however I have trialled this product for over a month and always undergo an extensive trial before committing to a review”