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Haircare In The Summertime

It is crucial we all pay attention to our hair and scalps throughout the warmer months of the year

Whether you are diving into the bay everyday, sitting in the office, or indulging in a little bit of both; summer brings with it a number of hurdles for our hair and skin

Summer means bbq’s in the park, family outings and weekends away. It also means heat, salt and humidity. As we adjust to the new season our hair must adapt to the change in climate also. Summer is a time where our hair can still look and feel it’s best as long as we are aware of the potential natural and unnatural threats


We all love the beach however it can be damaging. Your hairs water content is what makes it stretchy, elastic and moisturised – similar to your skin. Because of this our hair can become dehydrated and dry if too much moisture is lost through evaporation. And even more so if that moisture is not replenished. When we dive into the cool waters of Port Phillip Bay, the salt diffuses into our hair and when dried, we are left with a higher concentrate of sodium chloride. Meaning? Dry, brittle, thirsty locks

To avoid these frustrating summer slip ups, here are Hunter Labs must do’s to achieve healthy, hydrated locks:

  1. It all starts with your actions! A hat or scarf protects your scalp from UV rays, helping it retain moisture
  2. When to wash? Wash less often. Frequent washing strips your scalp and hair of natural oils which in turn stimulates oil production. Making you feel like you need to wash your hair again, creating an unhealthy cycle
  3. Let your hair dry naturally. Over summer, your hair is subject to a warmer climate as it is, it doesn’t need the extra heat
  4. Use great quality products. Wash your hair with the highest quality shampoo and conditioner to ensure healthy hair is retained well into the new year
  5. H2O! It’s last but definitely not least. Drinking water is so crucial to keeping  your body, skin and hair hydrated, healthy and happy

With Summer fast approaching, we have high quality products that will fit seamlessly into your summer haircare routine, ready to combat the affects of the Australian sun and ocean

Hunter Lab Invigorating Shampoo & Nourishing Conditioner

These super natural, super effective hair care tools focus on absolute natural efficacy and pleasure of use, with the added benefit of ingredients that work hard to promote hair growth and keep the scalp in pristine condition; essential heading into the warmer months of the year

They offer a hardworking cleanse, removing any trace of hair wax, grime and oil buildup, without leaving you overly hydrated or soft, ideal for those modern men who continue to use gel in their hair throughout summer. For those noticing hair thinning, or hair loss, these products work to keep your scalp nourished with myriad proteins. For those who frequent chlorine pools, our Shampoo and Conditioner help to combat these harsh conditions with nourishing care


With pleasure of use high on the agenda, the natural essential oil scents of both products are invigorating, distinctive and highly enjoyable. The Shampoo has notes of Bergamot, Grapefruit Peel, Basil, Rosemary and Mint. The Conditioner smells of Aniseed, Geranium and Cardamom essential oils; perfect for your summer scent

Importantly, no silicons or sulphates are used. These toxic detergents cause skin irritations, strip essential oils, and pollute groundwater

With the right care and application of Hunter Labs rejuvenating products, you will have happy, healthy hair throughout summer and well into the new year