‘The Perfect Gift!’ A concept a lot easier said than done. Setting out to buy the ideal gift is a difficult task, it can be frustrating, overwhelming and often exhausting. With the Christmas spirit quickly approaching, Hunter Lab are excited to announce they are making that stand out present achievable!¬†Whether you are searching for a gift for your father, brother or husband, Hunter Lab has a gift set made for him

We have hand picked our favourite super natural grooming tools. Kits come stylishly gifted in a range of Hunter Lab grooming packs in either the soft felt bag featuring a leather hood or the new Hunter Lab Canvas Tote, a stylish canvas satchel with leather buckles

Gifting this silly season has been made easy for each and every modern hunter



HAIR CARE KIT- RRP $85 (value $90)

Thick, strong hair needs super natural ingredients

Contains- Invigorating Shampoo 550ml & Nourishing Conditioner 550ml




HAND & BODY KIT- RRP $95 (value $103)

Modern bathroom accessories for the home

Contains- Hand & Body Was 550ml & Hand & Body Lotion 550ml


MORNING RITUAL SET- RRP $69 (value $76)

Two invigorating daily skincare staples to kick start your healthy-skin day

Contains- Daily Face Fuel 100ml & Exfoliating Hand & Body Bar 220g




SMOOTH SHAVE SET- RRP $70 (value $86)

Dominate the daily shave ritual with a super natural foam and a post shave elixir

Contains- Cleansing Shave Foam 200g & Anti-Ageing Elixir 50ml




COMPLETE CLEAN KIT- RRP $110 (value $142)

The daily shower staples packaged in one great kit

Contains- Hunter Lab Black Pack, Pinot Grape Skin Body Scrub 200g, Hand & Body Wash 550ml and the Invigorating Shampoo 550ml



MEN’S MORNING RITUAL KIT- RRP $119 (value $159)

Start morning’s right with a super natural wash, shave and moisturise

Contains- Hunter Lab Canvas Tote, Cleansing Shave Foam 200ml, Hand & Body Wash 550ml & Daily Face Fuel 100ml


MEN’S GROOMING KIT- RRP $114 (value $150)

The daily face care kit for the clean shaved Modern Hunter

Contains- Hunter Lab Canvas Tote, Daily Face Fuel 100ml, Cleansing Facial Scrub 150ml & Cleansing Shave Foam 200ml



THE ULTIMATE ARMOURY- RRP $199 (value $244)

The ultimate gift this Christmas – 5 Super natural skincare tools

Contains- Hunter Lab Black Pack, Pinot Grape Skin Body Scrub 200g, Hand & Body Wash 550ml, Anti-Ageing Elixir 50ml, Cleansing Facial Scrub 150ml & Daily Face Fuel 100ml

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