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Founder Elliot Waldron Talks Skin & Style

Elliot Waldron is the co-founder of Hunter Lab. The brand was born from his desire to find a natural skincare brand he was excited to use and proud to advocate amongst his mates. Getting men to invest in their brand, and take an active interest in their ongoing health, is what drives him and the team at Hunter Lab to create the very best skin health tools

What inspired the creation of Hunter Lab?

Originally, the inspiration behind Hunter Lab was born from our lack of inspiration when trying to adopt a skincare routine all those years ago. We simply couldn’t find a worthy Australian skincare brand producing effective and enjoyable natural skin health tools. So we decided to create our own and, in collaboration with one of Australia’s best green chemists, Hunter Lab was born


What was the thinking behind the Style Starts With Your Skin campaign?

To me, skincare is as equally about skin health as it is about the extra confidence gained from spending a small amount of time every day feeding your skin. It’s the extra 1%, like wearing a great watch, which arms you with the confidence required to tackle any situation. And as skincare is the first step in the daily ritual, it makes Hunter Lab the first step in the style creative process as we dress for any occasion. And where it goes next, well, that’s up to you


What does style mean to you?

The best thing about style is it’s never the same. It’s dependant on the individual, on the setting, on the weather and on your mood at the time. It changes daily. It can also be quite daunting, and time consuming. Which is the opposite to the daily skincare ritual, which is a constant, rarely changing process of daily life. It’s a part of the puzzle which can be executed without hesitation or indecision, and once completed instantly elevates your sense of confidence, allowing you to challenge the expected in the style stakes


What does your current skincare routine look like, coming into the cooler months?

The basics don’t really change; keep the skin clean, hydrated and fuelled with high quality vitamins and minerals. That goes for the body as well as the face; the Pinot Grape Skin Body Scrub is a regular ritual at the moment. The only winter variable comes from my propensity to let my facial hair grow into a quasi-rugged beard to insulate from the winter chill. It’s important to not neglect the skin below the beard; shaving is a fantastic natural exfoliator, so I focus on cleansing and exfoliating the beard area. Applying a serum to the beard area, and following with a moisturiser, is important too, especially through winter as the harsh, cold winds, and warm indoor heaters, can dry out the skin quickly, leading to flakey, itchy skin which can prematurely age


If you had to pick a most-loved Hunter Lab product, what would it be and why?

It’s impossible to play favourites! They all play a unique, important role in the skin health steps. However… there are two new products launching in August which have fast become my most enjoyable daily use tools. They are going to be huge hits with all our fans, men and women. Stay tuned