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Discover the runway looks

Hunter Lab collaborated with a number of Australian fashion brands throughout Afterpay Australian Fashion Week as they unveiled their latest collections, providing natural skincare solutions to ensure healthy, glowing skin was centre-stage

Three steps to achieve runway-ready skin

Marine Healing Essence

A soothing and refreshing treatment infused with marine actives to deeply hydrate and prepare the skin

Warm a few drops between palms and press gently into the skin. Apply more on areas of dehydration and redness to plump and calm



Lipid Vitamin Face Oil

A multi-functional oil imbued with 19 super oils and extracts to brighten and enliven the complexion

Warm 4 drops between palms and press gently into skin. For additional luminosity, focus on high points of the face such as cheek and brow bones, lips and bridge of the nose. Mix with Daily Face Fuel for a more natural radiance and less gloss

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Aura Facial Sculpting Tool

A device for gentle facial massage, super charged with microcurrents, to lift and tone the skin


Runway looks for Manning Cartell

As the Manning Cartell show transformed from dawn to dusk, a sensory journey evolved through visual, audible and olfactive media, igniting joy and celebrating exquisite individuality

Inspired by Manning Cartell’s iconic design, Hunter Lab created skincare-only looks capturing the beauty of natural skin and the essence of individuality and inclusivity

Guests at the Manning Cartell show were uplifted with an immersive scent, created by Hunter Lab in collaboration with Manning Cartell. The exclusive aroma, Mamuka, was gentle, and grounding, yet fresh

It featured a blend of Australian natives, combining subtle notes of wood and spice, and the freshness of eucalyptus and rosemary

For more information or to shop Manning Cartell’s newest collection, visit their website here