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Congested Skin Routine

Maintaining a consistent skin health routine is the first step in treating congestion. We have your tailored regime sorted


Let’s debunk a common misconception that oil is not good for breakouts. You may be surprised to know oil is remarkably effective in clearing breakouts! As we have established, congestion is a blockage of oil and dead skin cells within the pore. And, if you have ever tried to mix oil and water together you will know that they repel each other. The same is true for our skin

Using water and a foaming cleanser is far more aggressive and less effective than an oil-based cleanser. Cleansing with an oil or balm will thoroughly and gently remove excess oil build up from the surface of the skin, help to liquify blockages within pores and thoroughly cleanse the skin of impurities such as pollutants and makeup

Our Charcoal Cleansing Stick truly is the ultimate cleanser for all skin types, including congested or breakout prone skin. The blend of Argan, Coconut and Sweet Almond oils will effectively dissolve excess sebum and impurities whilst offering anti-bacterial benefits. Activated Charcoal further draws toxins from the skin, whilst Green Tea extract neutralizes free radicals and Aloe soothes and calms inflammation. The result is perfectly clean, calm skin that feels hydrated and supple. With continued use in conjunction with a consistent skincare ritual, congestion and/or breakouts will diminish


For congested or breakout prone skin, we recommend using a chemical or enzymatic exfoliant that won’t manually abrade the skin. It is important to avoid scrubbing if you’re breaking out as this can rupture pore walls and spread bacteria, only making things worse. Our Charcoal Mud Mask will effectively exfoliate the skin with lactic acid and draw out impurities with Activated Charcoal and Black Clay. Witch Hazel and Lavender oil provide anti-bacterial benefits, eliminating acne causing bacteria. Skin is left smooth, purified and glowing


All skin needs hydration regardless of what it is experiencing. Excessively oily, congested and/or breakout prone skin will often normalize once ample moisture is provided. Our Daily Face Fuel offers hydration in the form of water and all-natural plant oils, in a light, non-greasy formula

Humectants such as glycerine and squalane hold water, whilst oils of Avocado, Macadamia and Passionfruit Seed lock it in and provide essential nutrients and anti-inflammatory properties. Wakame extract assists in maintaining adequate moisture levels through its natural bounty of key minerals. Violet Leaf extract provides natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties to aid in the treatment and healing of breakouts and blemishes. With continued use, skin is hydrated, balanced and glowing with health