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A Design Series

Meet Baden Croft, the artist behind the limited-edition Mount Warning Kit

In celebration of Australia’s natural beauty and local talent, Hunter Lab have partnered with exceptionally talented local artist, Baden Croft

Based on the Mornington Peninsula, Croft draws inspiration from the rugged and raw landscape of Australia’s bushland and rocky coastline to create incredible large scale impasto oil paintings

Croft captures both the triumph and trouble of Australia’s fauna and flora and Hunter Lab is thrilled to showcase his captivating use of texture and colour on the limited-edition Mount Warning Kit



“A lot of my work recently has been inspired by the Australian landscape, certain places that I have been to and little road trips I have taken,” says Croft of his art. “I’m interested in seeing the effect that humans are having on these parts of the world that are seemingly very far removed from human influence”

Croft’s artwork which features on the gift kit was named after Mt Warning, located near the border of Queensland on the North Coast of New South Wales, Australia

“My interest in the natural environment and its unpredictability translates directly into the somewhat chaotic way in which I paint. I like to work quickly, utilising excessive amounts of oil paint that is literally smeared onto the canvas, and generally using only one or two palette knives in the process”

Croft has exhibited in group and solo exhibitions in Sydney and Melbourne and his works are held in private collections around Australia




Mount Warning Kit features two skin health staples, Lipid Vitamin Face Oil and Charcoal Cleansing Stick, plus a silk scarf with Croft’s Mount Warning artwork printed on the fabric

Shop Mount Warning Kit here

Croft’s work is available at Art2Muse and Southern Buoys Studio. Croft also takes commissions via his website