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Ally May Carey

Australian style icon, film photographer and creative storyteller talks skin, style and SPF

You are very well known for your creative style, both in front and behind the camera, what are you inspired by/loving at the moment?

I am really into vintage branding and photography at the moment! I love seeing old tech graphics for companies and old editorials for high-fashion brands

When do you feel your most creative/inspired?

I feel most creative when I am experimenting and using different mediums. I find if I am creatively stifled, it really affects my balance. I love to write, paint, draw  and take photos to express myself

How has social media platforms such as Instagram impacted your career as a creative? Positively or negatively?

I just wrote an article for Pedestrian TV explaining the correlation between mental health and the usage of Instagram. I think it has changed the way we create dramatically over the past eight years. We need to encourage creatives to produce work not just because the internet thinks its popular. We need to put less pressure on ourselves, and create an environment we feel comfortable expressing ourselves in again — which is what Instagram or any platform should be

Your job takes you to some amazing locations, can you share your top 3 spots you are dying to get back to?


I love each of these places – the architecture, the culture, the fashion and the food

What are your top travel tips for your skin health?

Staying within a routine when traveling is so important. Oftentimes, traveling across different timezone makes this difficult, but keep a little travel size bag in your carry on at all times. Keeping your skin hydrated with moisturiser, serums and of course H20 is crucial as well

What do you always pack in your carry on for a long flight?

I have this down to a fine art now – ha.

  1. Headphones
  2. Chargers
  3. Camera and laptop
  4. Empty water bottle so I can refill at all times
  5. Spare clothes and underwear
  6. Travel size dry shampoo
  7. Perfume oil
  8. Travel size face mask
  9. Moisturiser, sunscreen and all the other bits and pieces that fit in my clear pouch
  10. A book
  11. A large scarf I can use as a pillow or blanket
  12. Eye mask

Do you find it’s important to keep a strong regime when it comes to skin and wellness?

Absolutely – my skin has been temperamental over the years. All through my teens I suffered from back breakouts and then again in my mid-twenties I experienced the same thing

A healthy diet (for gut health) and a good skin care routine is what has helped me manage my skin “problems”. The correlation between gut health and skin health is so apparent

I have moved towards an all natural routine now as well. The only things that I still use which aren’t natural are AHAs and BHAs. I find my skin really needs these as I am prone to blackheads and I find this in conjunction with a charcoal mask once or twice a week really keeps my pores clear

You have shown your support for the Call Time on Melanoma campaign and the importance of using sun protection daily. Why is protecting your skin from the sun so important to you, and how do you make sure you are always protected?

Skincare and sun care for me go hand in hand. Not only is it the only thing which helps against early aging, its so important from a health standpoint

I have know friends of friends with melanoma who have since passed, so if I can help even one person get their skin checked, I am helping

What do you look for in a sunscreen and why would you choose natural?

I prefer chemical free sunscreen – no parabens or ingredients I cannot pronounce

What have you learnt about your own skin health over time?

I’ve learned that my skin loves a basic routine, with a couple of active ingredients through the week. I also learned my skin only likes to be cleansed in the evening about a month ago. I began to trial it, and it seems to like it better. I think I have been doing too much to combat, what I felt like was “bad” moments, and now it likes it far better

AM: Warm water to rinse my face, a hydrating/ Vitamin C serum, sunscreen and then make-up

PM: Cleansing stick, tone, AHA or BHA, Hunter Lab Peptide Anti-Ageing Elixir, facial oil and Hunter Lab Daily Face Fuel.

TWICE WEEKLY: Hunter Lab Charcoal Mud Mask

What do you look for in skin care and why do you love using natural ingredients? 

Things which do what they say they will do – I love product that don’t strip my skin. I love feeding my skin, as opposed to taking away or disrupting the ph levels

If you didn’t live in Sydney where would you choose and why?

Oh, Paris, Berlin, Stockholm. Would love to base myself there one day!

What are your non negotiables when it comes to skin care?

I ALWAYS remove my make-up (ask Will how thorough I am with this!!) and moisturise morning and evening

What is your favourite Hunter Lab natural tool?

The Charcoal Mud Mask and the Charcoal Cleansing Stick – I love the fresh feeling from both