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A Modern Partnership

Celebrating couples this Valentine's Day

Hunter Lab celebrates Valentine’s Day this year by sitting down with four inspiring couples to discuss the key to a happy and long-lasting partnership in today’s busy modern life

Holly Titheridge & Shaun Lyle

What does a true partnership mean to you?

S: We believe a true partnership entails a number of factors; being honest and transparent, sharing similar values and morals, and having a deep understanding of each others needs. A true bond can be built if these three factors are present

What do you believe is the key to a long and happy relationship?

H: Shaun and I are lucky enough that we not only have a relationship together but we have a working partnership. Through this we get to travel to some amazing places for work and immerse ourselves in genuine passions that we both share. Although our job in media is very fast paced, we aim to always slow down, stay in the present and enjoy every moment together. We definitely feel this is key to building a long and happy relationship

How will you be spending this Valentine’s Day?

H: This Valentine’s Day we will leave our phones at home, head out for an amazing dinner and cheers to the fact that we have such a special partnership


Susie & Elliot Waldron

What does a true partnership mean to you?

E: To me a partnership is a commitment to work together to get through anything life throws up, good and challenging. Life is so much more enjoyable sharing the moments with someone else, and a true partnership harnesses the best of each other to make things possible which otherwise wouldn’t have been on your own. This certainly translates as a partnership in life, and in business

S:To me a true partnership is one that is based on respect, trust and most importantly love. It’s not defined by one single factor. There is no jealousy, your partner should be your biggest fan and lift you up and together everything is possible

What do you believe is the key to a long and happy relationship?

E: Considering we’ve only been married for one year, I certainly don’t have all the answers for a long relationship. But a happy one comes from great communication and trust, and a commitment to putting your collective happiness first, through work-life-balance, shared and common interests, and an openness to experience everything the world has to offer, together

S: Supporting your partner through thick and thin is key, always having their back and being their greatest support. Keep the fun and don’t take life too seriously!

How will you be spending this Valentine’s Day?

E: We love to cook, so we’ll pick something challenging and delicious, with the last of the gardens summer veges, to whip up together at home

S: We are due to have a baby in a few weeks so it will be one of the last times it’s just the two of us so a home cooked dinner will be heaven with a mocktail or two 😊


Jax & Max

What does true partnership mean to you?

J: True partnership for me is that smile that I still get when I look over to Max. I know that it might sound super corny but it’s that particular smile that no one else is able to give you – you can feel it right up under your eyes. And I think what makes it so special is that it happens at just random times, looking across the crowd at the pub, sitting out in the water on surfboards or even when he is bringing me my morning coffee from the local

M: True partnership is about support – Jax & I support each other every day to be the best possible version of ourselves. A bit of healthy competition probably helps in that department too!

What do you believe is the key to a long and happy relationship?

J: Happiness. When you put everything together on what you are as a couple it all comes back to this. When looking at this question and thinking about it, it was the one thing that I kept coming back to. Coming up on being together for almost 7 years there are so many times and things that I can look back on that has brought so much happiness to our life and our relationship, getting a dog, moving house, overseas trips, even just sitting on the couch on a Sunday. Max has this awesome way of bringing happiness into my life in ways that sometimes I don’t even think he knows he is doing it, which is what I think really makes us work. It might seem pretty straight forward but you can’t be happy without first having happiness in your life

M: Trust and honesty are the foundation of a long and fulfilling relationship. Ultimately though, we’re not just partners, we’re best friends – we love sharing time & laughs together

How will you be spending this Valentine’s Day?

J: We will look to make a weekend of it down in Angelsea with our beautiful dog Hartley. Most likely will involve a surf, beach walks and a lot of chardonnay and cheese on the back deck

M: Over a nice dinner and a few too many wines! I have somewhere in mind but will keep that to myself for now..


Jesper & Carmel

What does a true partnership mean to you?

J: I think a true partnership is a relationship of trust and mutual respect. You might not agree on everything, but you have similar values and goals. This will help you both grow and evolve together

C: Respect, loyalty, love and support in each others ventures

What do you believe is the key to a long and happy partnership?

J: Love and respect and, most of all, remember to have fun

C: Staying true to our values and creating happy memories with our children, family and friends

How will you be spending this Valentine’s Day?

J: With kids and careers, any chance for date night and a bit of one on one is a great

C: We’re having such a lovely summer so a walk along the beach with our dog Hudson would be perfect