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6 Steps To The Perfect Shave

Whether shaving is a daily pursuit, or irregularly as the situation requires, the correct shaving ritual improves the output and the post-shave health and appearance of your skin


The act of shaving itself is pretty straightforward; use a good quality, sharp razor, a high-quality lubricant, and shave gently with the grain. It’s the pre-shave preparation process which we often neglect which can dramatically help our skin through the pain of a sharp razor. To help avoid a nasty rash, uneven skin or the development of ingrown hair post shave follow these simple best-practice steps for a smooth, close shave

1. Shower first; the steam and hot water will help open the pores and soften the skin and hair follicles. This is the perfect time to use the Cleansing Facial Scrub to cleanse and exfoliate your face and neck

2. Post-shower, use warm water to dampen face and neck. Pump the Cleansing Shave Foam into your hands and lather a generous amount onto the area to be shaved. Let it sit for a minute or so – it will further soften the skin and hair, whilst moisturising and nourishing the skin

3. Using a sharp razor, shave without excessive force with the grain, the direction your follicles grow. If you’re shaving a thick beard and require a second pass,
reapply lubrication and shave gently across the grain

4. Once finished, rinse the skin with cold water and pat dry. This will help unclog and constrict the pores, and help in soothing swelling and irritation

5. Apply a high-quality moisturiser, such as the super natural Daily Face Fuel, to your face and neck. Crafted with Passion Flower and Wakame, this provides instant
hydration and nourishment, and helps to soothe and pacify any irritation

6. Wait a couple of minutes and follow with subtle cologne, if desired

The Hunter Lab Cleansing Shave Foam is all natural, and importantly aerosol free. The foam won’t feel like synthetic foams you may have experienced before, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less effective. In fact, your typical pressurised aerosol gas affects the skins ability to substantially lubricate the skin, and often contains mineral oil which, instead of providing the skin with nutrients like other oils, it seals the skin off, inhibiting it from releasing toxins

Following these steps, no matter the frequency of your shaving routine, will give you the best chance at smooth, irritation-free skin post shave and will help improve the health of your skin and the evolution of your appearance